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Taxfix for Companies

Our benefit and service for employers and employees around income tax.

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Almost half of all employees in Germany have never filed a tax return.


For many, however, filing a tax return would be worthwhile – after all, the average tax refund in Germany is currently 1,095. To support your employees and take away their anxiety when it comes to filing their tax returns, we have launched Taxfix for employers and employees.

What we offer

Our offer consists of two parts: A TaxCoach Webinar and the free tax declaration for your employees. Depending on the size of your company and the number of employees, you can choose between different package sizes ranging from S to XL.

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TaxCoach Webinar

Our TaxCoach Webinar for employees provides valuable knowledge around relevant income tax topics. In addition, we explain how to use our app in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Last but not least, each Tax-Coach Webinar also offers room for questions to our tax experts and live interaction with our app.

Free usage of Taxfix for your employees

Your employees will receive a 100% voucher and access to our app. Together with the knowledge they gained in the TaxCoach Webinar, your employees will be able to file their tax returns without fear, quickly and easily, and receive an average tax refund of €1051 per person.

Monetary benefit

Companies and employees do not pay taxes on our offer because they are below the tax-free amount of 50 euros per person for benefits.

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Additional support through free consultation, webinars and more.

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How does Taxfix help my employees?

Our mission is to make this topic as simple as possible so that everyone can get the best out of their tax return. We guide your employees through the entire process, and if they have questions, video tutorials and extensive information material help them directly. With Taxfix tools, your employees can’t go wrong and successfully complete their tax returns in less than half an hour.

More net income than expected: With our Taxfix app, we help your employees to make more profit through tax refunds.

Thanks to the simple explanations and clear instructions in the tool, everything works without any prior knowledge, so your employees can feel secure.

No paper, no empty ink cartridge, no printer on strike – do your tax return without any stress.

Your employees can access countless materials such as video tutorials, blog articles, webinars and workshops and more, questions and co. can be dealt with very quickly.

The tax return can be easily prepared on a laptop or even a smartphone – it doesn’t get more flexible than that.

Your employees are not forced to sit down at home, but can also use their way to work, for example, to answer the questions in the app.

How does Taxfix work?

1. You answer 70 questions in less than half an hour.

2. Your tax refund is calculated. Refund up to 1,095 €.

3. Tax documents are created and sent paperless to the relevant tax office.

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