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Brutto? Netto? How net and gross impact your income

On the paycheck, all invoices, and your tax return, a distinction is made between gross and net. Many employees notice this difference every month on their bank statement when they realize what is left after income tax and social security contributions.
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From gross income to net income

During the negotiations for their job contract, most people try to get a high gross salary. But when they look at their bank statement, they find out that not all the salary is paid out.

Are you employed, unmarried, not in a civil partnership, and earn more than 9,408 euros per year? Then your income is above the basic allowance, and you need to pay taxes.
Your employer subtracts taxes and social security contributions from your earnings to forward it to the relevant offices. This would be the wage or income tax and social security contributions, the solidarity surcharge, and, if applicable, the church tax.
Your social security contributions are also deducted. This includes pension, health, nursing care, and unemployment insurance.
The net salary is the money that ends up in your bank account each month.

What does income mean?

Your gross income

Income tax (Lohnsteuer): 14-45% The higher the income, the higher the income tax.

Church tax (Kirchensteuer): 8-9% of the taxable income

Solidarity surcharge (Solidaritätszuschlag): up to 5,5% of the taxable income

Health insurance contribution (Krankenkassenbeitrag): 7,3% + Additional contribution from earnings

Nursing care insurance (Pflegeversicherung): 1.525%, 2,025% in Saxony, Possible supplement to earnings

Unemployment Insurance (Arbeitslosenversicherung): 1.25 % of earnings (as of 2019-01-01), 1.2 % as of 2020-01-01

Pension Insurance (Rentenversicherung): 9,3 % of earnings

= Your net income

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Julian Schwarzmann
by Julian Schwarzmann
published on: 18.08.2022
updated on: 29.08.2022

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