Steuer-Mythen von Taxfix aufgelöst und erklärt

3 popular Tax Myths – and why they‘re wrong!

Scroll down to learn why one fourth of taxpayers in Germany are missing out on an average tax refund of 1,095 Euros.

Steuer-Mythen von Taxfix aufgelöst und erklärt

"Once I file one tax return, I have to do it every year."

Fortunately not! This actually depends on whether or not your situation requires a mandatory tax return. If not, it is your choice – year after year.


With Taxfix, you can calculate your estimated refund for free before submitting to the tax office; so you can base your decision on whether or not it actually pays off for you!

"I must enclose all receipts & bills with my tax return."

Also, not true! You’re only required to send in receipts in case the tax officers request them from you. That’s why we would always advise you to keep your bills filed in case the tax office demands a proof of certain expenses; but you don’t have to include anything right away!

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"Filing a tax return is tedious and requires expert help."

We couldn’t agree less! If you file your taxes via the Taxfix app or in the browser, it doesn’t require any tax expertise! All you have to do is answer a set of simple questions – and that should only take you less than half an hour.

Since the service works in your favour, all possible deductions and lump sums will be considered automatically.

This is how it works

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Before we finish – did you know that you could deduct your...

Travel Expenses?

The commuter tax relief allows you to deduct the expenses for your daily commute to work! Why not invest the money into a music streaming service to make the journey more motivating?

Telephone & Internet Costs?

There are two ways of deducting these costs: Either state 20% lump sum (up to €20 per month) – or claim higher amounts by sending in an itemised telephone bill!

Courses & Trainings?

The costs of continued vocational trainings can be deducted as so-called income-related expenses – a great way to finance that long-desired career boost!