Taxfix Tech Recruitment Days

Take part in our tech recruitment days and find the next move in your career within one week. 

Happening Nov. 2nd - 4th.

At Taxfix, we’re passionate about solving a common problem for a lot of people. Our intuitive app enables anyone, regardless of education or background, to file their taxes with newfound confidence. To date, we’ve helped our customers get back more than 900 million euros in personal tax refunds.

Our tech stack and values

We believe in Internal Open Source because it cultivates a strong spirit of collaboration and fast evolution while maintaining a high standard of quality. This way of working is made possible by using the universal language JavaScript, specifically, React, React Native and NodeJS. We also utilise Elixir in the reasoning engine used to write our tax logic. Everything runs in Docker—orchestrated by Kubernetes and powered by Google Cloud Platform.

Our cross-functional team structure gives developers a broad scope of our stack. We’re passionate about decentralised end-to-end ownership. We live our development values by learning from one another through internal meetups, hackathons, and deep collaboration.

How the recruitment process works

Step 1:

Submit your CV by clicking on the green button above. One of our dedicated Talent Acquisition Managers will get back to you with feedback shortly after that.

Step 2:

Have a 30-min chat with one of our Talent Acquisition Managers to learn more about the company and vice versa.

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Step 3:

If successful, we’ll book you in for three subsequent calls the following week. These interviews will include talking with one of our engineering managers, a pair-programming session, and a cultural interview.

Step 4:

Offers and/or feedback. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll be sure to give you feedback within three days of your final interview.

Meet the team

Here’s what some Taxfixers have to say about our product, culture, and team.

Ilya Kozlov,
VP of Engineering

„Over the years, the open-source community has defined a workflow for shared codebases that’s proven to scale. Open source cultivates a strong spirit of collaboration and fast evolution while maintaining a high standard of quality. At Taxfix, we endeavour to adopt this philosophy to help us collaborate efficiently in developing our software.“

Marissa Mocenigo,
Engineering Manager

I was looking for a company that could offer me some mentorship. I wanted to be around people I knew I could learn from and would help me become a better manager. That’s why it was really important for me to find a company that aligned with my values. Working for a company that cares about honesty and transparency matters.“

Vanessa Parga,
Tech Lead

„I think it’s really important, the effect we have on the final user. Taxfix really improves the lives of the people using it. It’s very cool to be part of that process and making it better and better for everyone.“

Francis Wardley,
Software Engineer

„In the past year I’ve learned so much, it’s been crazy. For the first time in my professional life, I have a clear career path. I have been given the space for personal development which has enabled me to give better results in my team, and I have seen myself advancing technically in areas I didn’t think I was interested in.“

Taxfix Tech Recruitment Days

Find the next move in your developer career. Happening Nov 2nd – 4th 2021.