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On Demand Webinar

We hereby provide you and your employees with a recording of our webinar in German and English:

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Get a discount on your tax return.

The first 100 employees, will get a 50% discount on their tax return with the code: TX_Wolt50 *

On all further redemptions, you will receive a 20% discount with: TX_Wolt20*

*Voucher redeemable for one tax year of your choice and valid until 31.05.2023. Not redeemable for the Expert Service. Terms and conditions apply. To redeem the voucher, you must be registered with Taxfix. An offer of Taxfix AG, Köpenicker Str. 122, 10179 Berlin.

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How do I file my tax return with Taxfix?

Awarded several times

Taxfix is a certified partner of ELSTER, the online service of the tax office. In addition, our information security technology is TüV-certified. Our customers also appreciate this and regularly give us top ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you have successfully registered, you can complete your tax return in a few steps:

  • Answer all questions in all categories.
  • Confirm your identity by uploading the back of your ID card or other proof of identity accepted by us.
  • Use the discount code provided by your HR department.
  • Submit your tax return.

After you submit your tax return, our system automatically checks your identification and your tax return for plausibility and sends it directly to the tax office digitally. You do not need to submit any invoices or receipts. We will then inform you about the status of your tax return by e-mail.

With Taxfix you can do your tax return quickly and easily in less than 30 minutes – without any paperwork and without any expertise. Thanks to the simple question-answer principle, Taxfix makes it easy to do your tax return, no matter if you are an employee, trainee, student or expat.

The price promotion is valid for jointly assessed couples (filing a joint tax return) as soon as one of the partners meets the promotion conditions, i.e. has received short-time allowance or unemployment benefit.

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Ø 1.174 € Reimbursement

Ø 1.619 € Reimbursement

Ø 1.485 € Reimbursement

Ø 494 € Reimbursement

„The tax coaching with Lars was very well prepared and extremely valuable for my colleagues. We talked a lot about it in the office afterwards and everyone really wanted to do their tax returns straight away. I didn’t expect so many different questions. Lars was able to explain them immediately and so confidently with examples of how to use them.“

„The desire to get closer to the topic of tax is definitely existent. Tax questions, especially about tax status, for example after a wedding or birth, are always coming up and the regular webinar offerings not only allow for constant education but also timely support and tackling of these problems.“

On Demand Webinar

We hereby provide you and your employees with a recording of our webinar in German and English: