Taxfix Costs at a Glance

You save more when you file taxes with the Taxfix app

Taxfix Calculates Your Taxfix Returns for Free

Save yourself the cost of hiring a tax advisor and pay Taxfix only if you get back a refund that justifies the cost of filing taxes.
Tax Refund below €50*

If your tax refund is below €50, you use Taxfix for free

*If you are obliged to submit your tax return to the tax office, the Taxfix app charges you €39.99 regardless of the amount of the tax refund.
Tax refund above €50*
You pay Taxfix only for tax refunds higher than €50 and/or if you face mandatory tax filing
*If you are obliged to submit your tax return to the tax office, the Taxfix app charges you €39.99 regardless of the amount of the tax refund.

Tax Returns With Taxfix: The Benefits

Getting Back Money From Taxes?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Taxfix

With over 50,000 reviews, the Taxfix app has 4.6 out of 5 stars across all app stores—that’s how satisfied Tafix users are. Taxfix is TÜV-certified since February 2021.
If you are not obligated to pay taxes or expect a tax refund of €50 or below, Taxfix files your tax return for ​​free. However, if you are obligated to file taxes and/or receive a tax refund of over €50, the Taxfix app charges only €39.99 to file your taxes.
Yes, you can. You can easily set this up in the Taxfix app.
Taxfix calculates your tax return for free, no matter what. You may be charged only when you submit your taxes to the tax office. Once you enter the payment amount, your IBAN, and click on ‘Pay Now’, the amount is automatically debited from your account within 4-5 working days.
ELSTER is not friendly to those who have limited knowledge of taxes. These are some common issues with ELSTER:
  • The tax refund is often too low
  • The form is challenging and not intuitive
  • Easy to have errors if you’re not used to taxes
Taxfix aims to calculate your rightful tax returns without errors or stress. That’s why Taxfix has a dedicated support team that’s ready to answer your questions at all times.

Based on the account details you enter in the questionnaire, the costs will be deducted via direct debit.

Taxfix is a fintech start-up founded by Mathis Büchi and Lino Teuteberg in 2016. Taxfix enables people (who are clueless about taxes) to receive quick, easy and legal tax returns. Taxfix has been available in Germany since 2017 and has recent expansions in Italy and France.
The Taxfix app is suitable for anyone who has been to Germany for at least part of the year. It does not cater to the following groups of people:
  • Freelancers, self-employed and traders
  • Renter
  • Landlords and lessors of apartments and houses
  • People supporting adult relatives through alimony
  • Farmers and foresters
  • People with income from photovoltaic systems
We are constantly working on making our app available to a wider audience.
You can submit your tax return for four years retrospectively. As of today, you can also submit the voluntary tax return for 2017.

Data Protection and Privacy

Encrypted transmission of your data

Your data is always encrypted, whether it’s transmitted across Taxfix servers or to the tax office. We use the same encryption technology banks use for their online services and software. Besides, your data is forwarded to the tax office only if you explicitly permit us to do so.

Direct communication with the tax office

Taxfix uses the official ELSTER interface when submitting your tax return to the tax office. Rest assured that your tax return will reach the relevant tax office.

Easy transfers

Tax Refunds sent straight to your bank account from the tax office.

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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