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Frequently Asked Questions

The Taxfix charge will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically. This happens 4 – 5 days after your payment, i.e., entering your 22-character IBAN and confirming by hitting “pay now”. In case of questions regarding the payment process, please reach out to our support team by messaging [email protected].

We cannot exactly predict how long the tax office will need to calculate your tax result. We often see time frames of 6–12 weeks until the tax assessment arrives. If you didn’t hear back from the tax office for four months, you may want to get back to them. Ideally, you email your Finanzamt asking for the current status and the delay. Please make sure that your tax declaration is attached to the email.

Taxfix helps you to fill out your tax declarations for the last four years.

Yes! If you refer someone, this person gets 50 % off of their next tax return. For your convincing statement to use Taxfix, you are being rewarded too, of course. For each person that used Taxfix following your advice, you receive a €10 voucher for your tax return. Please note: Only one voucher can be redeemed per tax return. Find more information on:

We didn’t cover your concern here? Find more on how Taxfix functions and how taxes in Germany work in our FAQ.