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Taxfix: Overview of costs

The download of the Taxfix-App as well as the calculation of your tax refund is free of charge. A transmission fee may only be due when you submit a tax return.

This costs Taxfix

  • Up to a tax refund of 50 Euro, the submission of your tax return with Taxfix is free of charge.
  • If you do not expect a tax refund or if you have to pay additional taxes, the submission is also free of charge.
  • Starting from a tax refund of 50 Euro you have to pay 34.99 euros for your tax return via App.

By the way: You can deduct these costs as tax consulting costs from your next tax declaration!

For which years can I file a tax return with Taxfix?


Tax year 2018

Do your tax return for the last year!


Tax year 2017

File your tax return retroactively for two years!


Tax year 2016

File your tax return retroactively for three years!


Tax year 2015

File your tax return retroactively for four years!

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How to pay

You can pay your tax return directly in the app. The corresponding amount will be debited from the account you specified in the app.

Payment problems

If you have any problems with the payment or if you have any questions, please contact