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How it works

With Taxfix you get your tax refund without any tax knowledge.
With simple language we guide you step by step through your tax return in the interview mode. Tax returns have never been faster or easier!

No more mistakes

Out with confusing jargon! You don’t need any tax knowledge to use Taxfix. We guide you through your tax declaration with an interview format, using only simple language.

No more risks

After answering the questions, your tax refund is calculated immediately. So you can see your expected refund – for free.

No more forms to fill out

If you’re satisfied with your refund, we prepare and send your tax documents paperless to the appropriate tax office. You don’t have to print anything!

Start your tax return – risk-free.

Taxfix – In a nutshell

  • You file your tax return in an average of 22 minutes.
  • You get your maximum tax refund.
  • You don't need tax knowledge.
  • You submit your tax return via the official ELSTER interface.
  • You pay only with a tax refund starting from 50 euro.
  • The tax return costs 34.99 euros.
  • You've never made your tax return so easy and quick.

Maximum refund

Get your money back!
The average refund is 1.007 €.

Done in 22 minutes

Faster than ever! You’ll have more time for the fun stuff.

Taxes made easy

For novices & experts alike. The simplicity of a chat, the accuracy of a bank.


Do you have any questions left? Get in touch with us. You can contact our support team at

Please bear in mind that we cannot offer tax advisory services.