How Taxfix works

Whether it’s through the app or your browser, filing taxes with Taxfix is simple and accurate — even without any tax knowledge.

The Taxfix process: An overview

Digital tax return: Taxfix helps you file straightforward tax returns with simple questions. When you give us the green light, we securely transfer your data to the tax office. Here’s a detailed explanation of how Taxfix works: 

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That’s the easy process of filing your taxes in less than 30 minutes. What next? Relax and wait for the potential tax refund in your bank account.

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Our clear questions lead you through your tax return.



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We calculate how much you can claim from your tax office for free. Taxfix charges only when you submit.


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Your time is valuable. You only answer questions relevant to your tax situation. We transmit your tax data securely.

Frequently asked questions

We cannot accurately predict how long it takes to file your taxes in your specific case. This depends a lot on the complexity of your tax situation. One thing is for sure: There aren’t many tax-filing solutions quicker than Taxfix. On average, completing your tax declaration with us takes less than half an hour.

Normally, you receive the annual payslip from your employer by February of the following year. It should arrive automatically without a request from your side. The statement contains the income information of the previous year. If you changed jobs during the year, the employer has most probably sent you the statement by the end of your employment contract.

In general, when filing tax returns for the year 2017 and after, you don’t need to hand in your receipts to the tax office. You provide them only upon request from the tax office. That said, you should file your receipts safely so that they’re accessible. Please note: it’s not possible to transmit documents electronically along with your tax return, and only a postal transmission is accepted.

We cannot exactly predict how long the tax office will need to calculate your tax return. We often see time frames of 6-12 weeks until the tax assessment arrives. If you don’t hear back from the tax office within four months, you may want to contact them. Ideally, you email your tax return to the tax office requesting the current status and reason for delay.

We didn’t cover your concern here? Find out more about Taxfix and German taxes in our FAQ

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