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File your taxes on your mobile phone! Answer simple questions and receive 935 € tax return in average.
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Doing your taxes in 5 simple steps

taxfix – doing taxes in 5 simple stepstaxfix – doing taxes in 5 simple steps
Tax declaration with your Phone – Get the app!
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Here’s how it works

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Step by step

File your taxes step by step. Just answers simple interview-style questions using the Taxfix assistant. All the required information will be gathered within 25 minutes.

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No prior knowledge required

The apps guides you through a personalised set of simple, conversational questions. All questions can be answered without tax knowledge. If you still do not know, help texts assist you finding the answer.

Instant calculation of your refund claim

Taxfix calculates your tax return. Right after you finish answering the last question you will know how much tax return you get. That’s 935 Euro on average.

From app to financial office

Taxfix generates your complete tax declaration and submits it electronically via ELSTER to your local financial office. If you can expect a tax return, you’ll pay a one-off fee of 34,99 Euro.


Do you have any questions left? Get in touch with us. You can contact our support team at

Please bear in mind that we cannot offer tax advisory services.

Tax declaration with your Phone – Get the app!
  • app store taxfix