Get your refund online in just 22 minutes!

Get your refund online in just 22 minutes!

We help thousands of customers get back on average 1.007 euros in tax refunds every week.

Why Taxfix?

1.007 € on average
Get back the money you’re entitled to so you can save up and live better.
22 minutes
Spend less time on your tax refund and more time on the things that matter to you.
4.7 rating
Over 15.000 reviews show our customers loving their results.

Convenient and simple

Do your taxes wherever and whenever. Complete your tax return online or get the app for your smartphone.

Forget annoying forms

Answer simple questions as if you’re talking to friends. We calculate your tax return for free.

File with peace of mind

If you’re happy with the result, we take care of submitting your tax return to the tax office through the official ELSTER interface.

You pay 34,99€ only if your calculated refund is more than 50€!

Brought to you by a team of tax experts.

Brought to you by a team of tax experts.

Nervous about filing taxes? Don’t be! Taxfix is created and updated by tax experts, so you can leave the complexity to us.
Really easy to use and it rakes only 10 minutes to fill it out. I received my refund in just 3 weeks. From now on I will use this App every year and recommend it to my friends and to those who read this.
Very elegant and easy to use, effortless design and user-friendly. I could do my tax declaration in only 15 minutes and send it digitally right away! Nothing comparable to the traditional submission of tax declaration per computer apps and then printing and posting. I will definitely use it again next year!
Blown away by how much more I got back (almost double) compared to previous years using a different app. At first I was surprised by how many questions I had to go through, but at the end, all those detailed questions were what made the difference!

Get your refund online in just 22 minutes!

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