New: get your free tax refund calculation before you pay.

Do your tax return yourself or have it done by an independent tax advisor

The choice is yours: Complete the simple question-and-answer procedure or have your tax done by an independent tax advisor.

Reliable and safe: Highest security standards

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Guided and intuitive process

Answer our easy-to-understand questions, or have your taxes done for you by an independent tax advisor.

Reliable verification of your information

We do a plausibility check on the data you insert. With Expert Service, you benefit from a comprehensive and accurate review.

Estimated tax refund​

We let you know how much to expect back from the tax office. If you do your taxes yourself with Taxfix, you are only charged when you submit your return. With Expert Service, payment occurs when your estimated result is received from the tax office.

Efficient and secure​ tax returns

Only answer questions that matter. Alternatively, have your taxes done for you by an independent tax advisor who will transmit your data securely.

Submit now, pay later

You can submit your taxes now and pay immediately, or only pay when your tax assessment has arrived - at no extra charge.

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Prepare your own tax return

Free refund calculation. €39.99 upon submission

For anyone who wants to file an easy and secure tax return themselves

Receive a calculation of your refund in advance and only pay when you submit

Guided and intuitive process with a simple question-answer flow

Automatic data retrieval: simply retrieve your income data from the tax office and have it pre-filled

Reliable plausibility checks

€59.99 for married couples or registered partnerships looking to file a tax return together

New: Get your tax assessment for free and only pay when you submit your return

Have it done for you with Expert Service

20% of your tax refund, minimum €59,99

For those who are unsure or can't find the time – hand your taxes to an expert

Provide a few necessary documents in minutes

An independent tax advisor will prepare and submit your tax return for you

Personalised document upload: Only submit documents that are completely necessary

Detailed check of your information

Only pay when you receive the results of your tax return

Risk-free: completely free if you do not receive a refund.

Taxes & financial freedom

Taxfix promotes your financial freedom. This is how you benefit: 1. Data retrieval from the tax office for a fast and accurate tax return. 2. No charges until your tax assessment arrives. 3. File your own taxes through an easy and intuitive question-answer flow, or have your taxes done for you with Taxfix Expert Service.

Juliane, tax expert from Taxfix​

Why pay for Taxfix, if ELSTER is free?


Official ELSTER interface

No time-consuming registration

User-friendly, thanks to intuitive question-answer flow

Additional tax tips and instructions

Easy to use without tax knowledge

Automatic plausibility check

Free tax refund calculation

Cross-platform data synchronisation


0 Euro

File your own taxes: €39.99*, expert service: 20% of your tax refund, minimum €59.99

*€59.99 for married couples and registered partnerships filing jointly

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Short-time workers
Civil servants
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Taxes without forms: Answer our easy-to-understand question-answer process, or have your tax done by an independent tax advisor.

The best way to do your taxes

The choice is yours: complete the simple question and answer process, or use Expert Service and have your taxes done for you by an independent tax advisor. Either way, you can avoid complicated tax jargon.

Paperless document upload

Taxfix makes your tax return completely digital. Simply photograph or upload your documents. Taxfix then automatically transfers all important information - accurately and stress-free!

Completely secure

Your data is always transmitted in encrypted form to the Taxfix servers and via ELSTER to the tax office. We use secure encryption technologies that are also used by banks.

Frequently asked questions

With Taxfix, there are two ways to file your tax return: complete the simple question-and-answer process via app or browser, or have your tax done by an independent tax advisor using Expert Service.

If you do your tax yourself, you can get a free calculation of your estimated refund before you submit to your local tax office via the official ELSTER interface.

Do your own tax: After registering on the app or via browser, you will answer an average of 70 questions that are specifically tailored to your tax case. After that, you will immediately receive a free refund calculation that estimates what you can expect to get back. If you choose to submit your taxes at that point, we will send your tax return paperlessly to your local tax office. After processing by the tax office, your potential refund will be paid into your account and you will receive your tax assessment.

Have your tax done for you: With Expert Service, simply upload a few documents and receive your tax return in days. All you have to do is check it, and approve it - that's it!

Download the Taxfix app free of charge from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or access our site in your web browser. At no extra cost, you can calculate your expected tax refund. Alternatively, you can use the Taxfix Expert Service and have your tax return prepared by an independent tax advisor. Find the current prices for both services on the Taxfix costs page.

Sending a tax return to the tax office is definitely not something you do off the cuff – especially when it comes to one's own finances. And when specialised knowledge is required, it’s understandable that one would want to be cautious or even sceptical.

For questions that require explanation, Taxfix offers info texts and corresponding advice articles or tax tips. These help with general questions on specific points, but not with individual tax questions.

Yes, you can now choose to only pay after you receive your estimated refund calculation, which is free of charge. The processing of tax returns usually takes 6-12 weeks. Your selected bank account will then be debited automatically. However, you will only be offered this option if you have done your taxes yourself with Taxfix, or if you have used the instant payment option.

If you use our Expert Service, you can also choose to only pay when you receive the tax assessment from the tax office.

Your question not yet included? We have collected the most frequently asked questions and our answers in our FAQ.

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With Taxfix, you can complete your tax return for the last 4 years in no time at all. No prior tax knowledge needed!

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