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Afraid of
heating costs?

Do your tax return now and create a financial cushion.

Taxfix benefits for you


Guided and intuitive process

Our clear questions lead you through your tax return.


Reliable data check

Insert your data without fear of errors. We automatically check for plausibility.


Estimated tax refund

We calculate how much you can claim from your tax office for free. Taxfix charges only when you submit.


Efficient & secure 

Your time is valuable. You only answer questions relevant to your tax situation. We transmit your tax data securely.

File your taxes in less than
30 minutes

Taxfix helps you file straightforward tax returns with simple questions. When you give us the green light, we securely transfer your data to the tax office.

Tax power to you

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This is how it works

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Made for you.

Why pay for Taxfix,
if ELSTER is free?

Official ELSTER interface
No bulky registration
User-friendly, thanks to the intuitive questions
Easy-to-use, also without tax-knowledge
Further tips and instruction
Automated data check
Estimated tax refund
Cross-platform data synchronisation
Start for free
*EUR 59.99 for married couples and civil partnerships

Your benefits

Question-answer-money back

We simplify your taxes: With Taxfix, you don’t deal with complex tax jargon understood only by experts. We guide you through the tax declaration with easy-to-understand questions.

Paperless document upload

Taxfix digitalises your tax return. Take pictures of your documentation with the app or upload documents from your computer. Taxfix extracts all relevant information automatically — stress-free and accurate.

Highest data security

Your tax data is always transferred in an encrypted form to the Taxfix servers and, then, to the tax office via ELSTER. We use a secure encryption technology that’s also used by banks.

Frequently asked questions

Taxfix lets you file quick and paperless taxes from anywhere. You can use Taxfix as an app or on your browser. You don’t need any tax knowledge or experience. Use the inquiry-response process, get your tax refund calculated and if you choose to submit your tax return with us, we transfer your data to the tax authorities using the secure ELSTER interface.

After you register with Taxfix using the app or browser, you answer about 70 questions that are specific to your tax case. We only ask questions relevant to your tax return. In the next step, the app calculates your estimated tax refund. Once you choose to submit, we perform a plausibility check and transmit your paperless tax return to your responsible tax office in an encrypted form. The tax office sends your refund to your bank account and also your official tax assessment.

Download the Taxfix app from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store or open Taxfix in your browser. Do it risk-free: We calculate your potential tax result at no charge. Next, you decide whether you want to file with us. Taxfix entails a fixed charge of EUR 39.99 for each year you file; EUR 59.99 for married couples and civil partnerships who file together.

You cannot simply file an accurate tax return out of thin air. When it comes down to personal finances and legal taxes, we understand why you may be cautious, or even sceptical. For further information, Taxfix offers guidelines and tax tips. These provide general tax information that help you optimise your returns but don’t cater to individual tax cases.

We didn’t cover your question? Check our FAQ to find answers to the most common questions about Taxfix and German taxes.

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