How safe is your data at Taxfix?

Sensitive data is at stake when you file your tax return. We explain how Taxfix handles your personal data and the strict security standards to which we comply.

Official ELSTER interface

ELSTER is the official online tax service of the German tax authority for submitting tax returns. That’s why we are a certified partner of ELSTER. This implies that the security standard we use when transferring your tax data is indistinguishable from ELSTER. 

Your tax return is filed promptly and processed right away.

Thus, we support millions of taxpayers to reclaim their tax refunds securely and hassle-free based on the highest security standards.

Highest data integrity

We put your data security first. That’s why your sensitive data is protected by the latest encryption technology and is not handed over to third parties. 

On top of that, our information security technology is TÜV-certified to ISO/IEC 27001. Our servers are located in Europe and most of them even in Germany. We strictly comply to GoBD and the DSGVO.

Developed by tax experts

Designed by over 90 tax experts, Taxfix is constantly being improved. Our ongoing reviews ensure that all functional content is correct and aligned with the latest tax laws.

The close relationship between our tax experts and the tax authorities is the reason behind your optimised tax returns.

Made in Germany​

Taxfix is made in Germany i.e. development, design, data transfer, hosting and quality management all take place in Germany.