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About Taxfix

How does the Taxfix app work? How much does it cost? And what does Taxfix have to do with ELSTER? We answer all your questions about Taxfix

Account & Data Protection

Can I change my email address? How do I delete my account? We answer all your questions related to your user account and data protection at Taxfix

Submission of your tax return and tax assessment notice

Has my tax return already been submitted to the tax office? How can I download my tax return? Find information on submission and processing.

Expats, Foreigners and Relocations

Have you lived abroad or did you have foreign income? Here you will find everything you need to know about your relocation.

Tax Guide

Which costs can I claim for tax purposes? How do I enter my data in the app? Everything you need to know about taxes and the use of our app

Tax Declaration Basics

What is a tax ID? Am I required to file my tax return? How are my taxes calculated? We explain the basics of the German tax system


How do I deduct 'work from home' ? Are there any fixed deductions?

Family and Kids

Learn more about standard child support (Kindergeld / Kinderfreibetrag) and additional funds during the pandemic


Find more detailed answers in our frequently asked questions and surprise yourself with new tax tips .


Search for additional topics in the field of tax declaration.

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