How the leading European mobile tax app comes together

The idea behind Taxfix is simple: taxes must be easy. Every person should feel empowered to manage their finances on their own. 

Taxfix: An intuitive solution for a well-known problem

Most people are afraid of filing taxes. They fear making mistakes or getting in trouble with the tax office. In reality, 9 out of 10 people receive a significant refund when they file taxes.


Therefore, we help taxpayers to claim back their rightful money — they have earned it and are entitled to receive it as tax refund. In particular, we want to help those taxpayers who need it the most.


Our tax app offers an intuitive solution to help taxpayers like you receive highest possible tax refunds. With an included plausibility check and an automated data check, your tax return will be accurate, complete and sent instantly to the tax office. On average, you only need less than half an hour to file your tax return, even if you have no experience with taxes.

Complete your tax declaration with Taxfix–quick, paperless and through the app or your browser. Clarify your tax situation in the inquiry-response process and let the app calculate your potential tax refund. When you choose to file with Taxfix, we securely submit your data to your tax office using the official ELSTER API interface.

Tax power to you

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Our mission is simple: We help people successfully claim their money.

By supporting people to file their taxes, we also help them make better financial decisions in the future.

The vision of simplicity

In 2016, after years of friendship and numerous joint projects, Mathis Büchi and Lino Teuteberg decided to find a solution for one widely dreaded topic: taxes. Their goal was to ease the lives of taxpayers.

An incredible journey begins

The founders got off to a good start and gathered a team of international tax experts, engineers, data scientists, texters, designers, and other creative experts. We at Taxfix collaborate and focus on developing a product that saves time and simplifies taxes for all people, as paperless, intuitive and quick tax returns.

2020 Smart taxes for the whole world

Among others, the last major funding round in 2020 laid the foundation for a strong growth in the past years. Apart from Germany, Taxfix also operates in France and Italy, helping millions of people file their taxes with a modern online approach.

New ideas and best practices

In September 2021, Martin Ott becomes the new CEO. Mathis Büchi, founder and former CEO, subsequently supports the company as Chairman Of The Board. His co-founder and CPO Lino Teuteberg continues being responsible for product development at Taxfix. With Martin Ott as a strong support in leadership of the company, all signs point to accelerated growth in the FinTech company.

Some of the best talents in the world help others take charge of their own finances.

Caio Ferreira

Lead Product Manager

Krzysztof Hadas

Engineering Manager

Vanessa Parga

Tech Lead

Alessandra Birolo

Tax Lead

Michael Korkia

Head of Marketing

Nykie Ngan

Brand Designer

Diana Sulkova

Customer Success Manager

Aki Friedrich

People Development & Learning

Jana Teuber

Content Product Manager

Sebastian Rave

VP of Finance

Nancy Schmidt

Head of Internal Operations

Josefine Cairns

Senior Customer Success Manager DE

Andre Wagner

Team Lead Global Analytics

Matheus Souto

Content Designer

Guillermo de Fermin

Software Engineer

Katrina Gnatek

Employer Branding Manager

Taxfix is available in Spain, Italy and Germany

Map that shows in which countries Taxfix is available with its tax declaration service Validit04-2022

Frequently asked questions

Taxfix can help you with your tax return. By clarifying your tax situation in a simple inquiry-response process, you enter relevant tax data. The app uses this information to automatically fill in the official tax form in the background. Once the questions have been successfully answered, you can immediately submit the tax return electronically from your smartphone or web browser to the tax office.

Taxfix is not the official tax software of the tax authorities. But the tax app uses the ELSTER API interface to submit your tax data in accordance with the tax office. You can always be sure that the tax office receives your data as if you had used the official forms.

The security of your data is highly important. Taxfix transmits all data in encrypted form – whether these are sent to its own servers or even to the tax office. The encryption technology used is same as that used by banks for their online services. Taxfix transmits user data to the tax office only with explicit user consent.

No, we do not offer tax advice. Taxfix does not replace a certified accountant. For specific tax related advice, Taxfix offers informative articles. These help with general questions about a particular issue, but not with individual tax cases.

We didn’t cover your concern here? Find more on how Taxfix functions and how taxes in Germany work in our FAQ.