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You probably aren’t receiving maximum benefits from your tax system. Most people neglect filing tax returns. Some feel it’s too stressful. The rest are afraid of making mistakes and getting in trouble with the tax office. But the truth is 9 out of 10 taxpayers get a refund when they file their tax returns. Taxfix enables you to be one of the 9.

Taxfix helps people get back hard-earned tax refunds that they deserve. We simplify the process of filing tax returns and help you redeem the highest possible refund. Like the average Taxfix user, you too can expect about €1,051 as tax refund. Here’s how Taxfix works.

Our tax experts have designed 70 simplified questions to calculate your tax return. It takes just 22 minutes to answer them and get your tax return calculated right away.

Once that’s done, you can choose to submit your tax return through Taxfix. If you so choose, we send your information to the relevant tax office via the official ELSTER interface. In doing so, your data is encrypted and secure when you file with us.

With Taxfix, you can file quick and paperless tax returns from anywhere—both through the app or the website.

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Our Mission is Simple: We Help People Get Back Their Money

By providing people with stress-free tax returns, we empower them to make better financial decisions in the future.


After years of friendship and collaboration on joint projects, Mathis Büchi and Lino Teuteberg join forces in 2016 to find a solution to the uncomfortable subject of taxes. Their goal: simplify life for taxpayers.


The two founders hand-pick a team of international tax consultants, engineers, data scientists, copywriters, designers, and other creatives. Everyone at Taxfix commits to the vision of developing a product that saves time and files tax returns that are paperless, simplified, and fast.


Taxfix has grown exponentially since conception. After another round of financing in 2020, it has expanded to France and Italy (apart from Germany). Every week, Taxfix helps thousands of people submit online tax returns to the responsible tax office and get back well-deserved tax refunds.

This is what our customers say about Taxfix

Its the best,i used for my Tax 2 times and get each time 1000 €. for 2020 i didn't pay anything. that very Kind from Taxfix. thanks.
The app is very easy to use, efficient and I love their initiative for this year for the people that were in Kurzarbeit. I will definitely use Taxfix every year.
Alexandra Ghb
Smart and really easy to use. The app made it fun for me to do tax 🙂
Talal Tabia

The Taxfix team

Caio Ferreira

Lead Product Manager

Krzysztof Hadas

Engineering Manager

Vanessa Parga

Tech Lead

Alessandra Birolo

Tax Lead

Michael Korkia

Head of Marketing

Nykie Ngan

Brand Designer

Diana Sulkova

Customer Success Manager

Aki Friedrich

People Development & Learning

Suryamita Harindrari

Senior BI Analyst

Matheus Souto

Content Designer

Guillermo de Fermin

Software Engineer

Janine Hofmann

Senior Product Designer

Joppe Rhebergen, Tech Lead

I really like working on a product that helps people, and in this case it’s a tax product. I never thought I’d work for a tax related company but I think it’s really good that we can help a lot of people this way.

Taxfix is available in Germany, France, and Italy

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