This is how Germany's most popular mobile tax app was created

Taxfix is based on the simple idea that doing taxes should be easier, and that everyone should be able to take their finances into their own hands.

Taxfix: The intuitive solution to a well-known problem

Most people are afraid of doing their own tax return. They’re afraid of making mistakes or even getting into trouble with the tax office. But, in fact, 9 out of 10 people get a refund when they file their tax return.

We’re here to help taxpayers reclaim the money they’ve worked hard for – especially those who need it most.

That's why we offer an intuitive solution with our tax app that helps everyone get the best possible refund. With an included error check and built-in data check, your tax return will always be complete, accurate, and submitted fast. On average, you can complete your tax return in less than 30 minutes – regardless of whether you have any tax knowledge or not.

With Taxfix, you can file your tax return quickly and paperlessly from anywhere, via app or browser. Provide information on your tax situation according to the question-and-answer process to have your possible refund calculated. When you’re ready to submit, we forward your data to the tax office via the official ELSTER interface.

Fast and safe

9 out of 10 people get a refund when they file their tax returns.

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Our mission is simple: we help people get their money back.

We help people make better financial decisions in the future by offering stress-free tax returns.


The vision of simplicity

After many years of friendship and numerous joint projects, Mathis Büchi and Lino Teuteberg joined forces to find a solution to the unpleasant topic of taxes. The goal: make life easier for taxpayers.


An incredible journey begins

The two founders quickly built a team of international tax experts, engineers, data scientists, copywriters, designers and other creatives. Together, Taxfix is dedicated to the vision of developing a product that makes it easy for everyone to save on taxes and time. Paperless. Easy to understand. Efficient.


Smart taxes for the whole world

Thanks in part to the last major financing round in 2020, Taxfix has grown many times over in recent years and is now not only available in Germany, but in France and Italy too. Taxfix helps millions of people submit their tax returns online.


New ideas and proven knowledge

In September 2021, Martin Ott was introduced as the new CEO. Mathis Büchi, founder and previous CEO, was to support the company as Chairman of the Board. His co-founder and Managing Director, Lino Teuteberg, continued his responsibilities towards product development. With the management team reinforced by Martin Ott, the signs for this FinTech company continue to point to full growth.

Taxfix is ​​available in Spain, Italy and Germany

We help millions of people, also in other countries, to submit their tax returns online to the responsible tax office.

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The Taxfix team

Some of the best talent in the world is helping others take control of their finances.

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Frequently asked questions

With Taxfix, there are two ways to file your tax return: complete the simple question-and-answer process via app or browser, or have your tax done by an independent tax advisor using Expert Service.

If you do your tax yourself, you can get a free calculation of your estimated refund before you submit to your local tax office via the official ELSTER interface.

Do your own tax: After registering on the app or via browser, you will answer an average of 70 questions that are specifically tailored to your tax case. After that, you will immediately receive a free refund calculation that estimates what you can expect to get back. If you choose to submit your taxes at that point, we will send your tax return paperlessly to your local tax office. After processing by the tax office, your potential refund will be paid into your account and you will receive your tax assessment.

Have your tax done for you: With Expert Service, simply upload a few documents and receive your tax return in days. All you have to do is check it, and approve it - that's it!

Download the Taxfix app free of charge from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or access our site in your web browser. At no extra cost, you can calculate your expected tax refund. Alternatively, you can use the Taxfix Expert Service and have your tax return prepared by an independent tax advisor. Find the current prices for both services on the Taxfix costs page.

Sending a tax return to the tax office is definitely not something you do off the cuff – especially when it comes to one's own finances. And when specialised knowledge is required, it’s understandable that one would want to be cautious or even sceptical.

For questions that require explanation, Taxfix offers info texts and corresponding advice articles or tax tips. These help with general questions on specific points, but not with individual tax questions.

Yes, you can now choose to only pay after you receive your estimated refund calculation, which is free of charge. The processing of tax returns usually takes 6-12 weeks. Your selected bank account will then be debited automatically. However, you will only be offered this option if you have done your taxes yourself with Taxfix, or if you have used the instant payment option.

If you use our Expert Service, you can also choose to only pay when you receive the tax assessment from the tax office.

Your question not yet included? We have collected the most frequently asked questions and our answers in our FAQ.

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