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This is Taxfix

Millions of taxpayers waive their tax refund of an average of 1,027 Euro. On the one hand, many people shy away from the effort. On the other hand, paper chaos and incomprehensible tax language complicate the preparation of tax returns.

We want tax issues to be more understandable. That’s why we founded Taxfix. Taxfix should support you in the preparation of your tax return. Every taxpayer should receive his maximum tax refund!

With our tax app we guide you step by step through your tax return. Instructions and informative articles offer you the best help to save money. We make taxing easier for you!

You can do your tax return with Taxfix in three ways:

How Taxfix works

You want to know what makes Taxfix so unique? Read here how Taxfix helps you secure your tax refund. And: Don’t worry! You don’t need a tax diploma. Taxfix is so simple that the tax return suddenly turns out to be fun.


Taxfix is free of charge until you submit your tax return. You can test risk-free. And up to a tax refund of 50 euro you don’t have to pay anything for the transfer to the tax office if you are not obligated to submit your tax return. If you would receive more, the submission of your tax return with Taxfix costs you 34.99 euro.

Press and media

Looking for more information and images to cover Taxfix? In the Taxfix Media Center you will find current press releases, logos and photos for your coverage of Taxfix.

The team

The founders of Taxfix have strengthened themselves with tax experts and tax newbies from various fields in order to turn the market for tax software upside down. The young, international team of freethinkers unites a good team spirit and the will to influence the tax thinking of the users.

You want to be part of the tax revolution? Then check out the Taxfix job page. We are always looking for motivated and talented employees. We look forward to hearing from you.