Symbolbild Freunde werben Aktion von Taxfix

Tax return: Invite your friends to Taxfix and you both get a voucher!​

Give your friends a head start by giving them a 50% discount
on their first tax return, and receive a 10 voucher in return!

Symbolbild Freunde werben Aktion von Taxfix

Win-Win: Submit your tax return with Taxfix & invite your friends to both get a discount!

You invite your friends to use Taxfix. They submit their tax return through Taxfix with a 50% discount – you get a EUR 10 voucher on your next tax return!

One good turn deserves another

Within the app, you are given the option to invite friends; this allows you to send them a personalized link that grants access to a 50% discount on their first tax return with Taxfix!


All your friends need to do is use that link to download, register, and file their first tax return via our mobile app – their discount will be applied automatically. We will thank you with a €10-voucher in return. You can invite multiple friends to save on more tax declarations. Only one voucher can be used per tax return. 


This is how it works:

1. Open the Taxfix App

2. Click the gift icon in the upper right corner

3. Copy the Link

4. Share link with friends

How to get started

Following a few simple steps, your tax return could be done in less than half an hour. Whether you prefer using our mobile app or your home computer – simply answer a series of easy-to-understand questions and take photos of your ID & annual payslip.


You won’t need to fill out lengthy forms. It’s secure and totally risk-free since everything up to the calculation of your estimated refund is free of charge!

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Why Taxfix?

Average refunds of €1,072

Get back your overpaid taxes! It’s hard-earned money that is rightfully yours — invest or spend it on anything you’ve been saving up for.

In less than half an hour

Don’t spend so much time on your tax return, but more time on things that matter — not to mention, you won’t waste time worrying about tax errors ever again.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Over 50,000 positive reviews — that speaks volumes about satisfied Taxfix users.

Tax power to you

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This is how it works

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