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    Tax return deadline 2022: October 02, 2023 for mandatory filers

    How long do I have to submit my financial statement to the tax office?

    That depends on whether your tax return is obligatory or voluntary, and whether or not you use a tax advisor.

    Here you can find all the dates and deadlines at a glance.

    If you are obliged to file a tax return, the tax deadline is the following year.

    The following submission date applies to those obliged to submit their income tax return:

    • Tax return deadline tax return 2021: October 31, 2022 -> Start tax return now
    • Tax return deadline tax return 2022: October 02, 2023 -> Start tax return now

    • Tax return deadline tax return 2023: 02 September 2024 (possible from the beginning of 2024 with Taxfix)


    If the last day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, the following working day becomes the deadline for submission.


    3 reasons why you should file right now:

    1. You will receive your refund faster because the tax offices process returns in order of collection dates.

    2. If you are obliged to file, you can avoid stress and a possible late fee by filing your tax return as soon as possible.

    3. You’re more aware of your income and expenses than anyone else is, meaning you’ll file the most detailed and accurate tax declaration, leading to a higher refund.

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    If one of the points on the checklist below applies to you, then you are obligated to file a tax return:

    You can find out more about the individual points in the article "Tax liability: Who has to file a tax return?”


    Later submission deadline when using a tax advisor

    If your tax return is prepared by a tax consultancy or income tax help association, you have more time. Due to the Corona pandemic, there are different filing deadlines for the following years.

    Here is an overview of all tax advice submission deadlines:

    (applies only to tax cases handled by advisors)

    • Tax return deadline for 2022 tax year: July 31, 2024
    • Tax return deadline for 2023 tax year: July 02, 2025

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    Voluntary tax filers: Deadlines of up to 4 years

    The below deadlines only apply to persons who are obliged to file a tax return. All other employees can file voluntarily and retroactively, as far back four years.

    Tax return deadline for 2020: December 31, 2024 -> Find out how much you'll get back with the Taxfix app!

    Tax return deadline for 2021: December 31, 2025 -> Find out how much you'll get back with the Taxfix app!

    Tax return deadline for 2022: December 31, 2026 -> Find out how much you'll get back with the Taxfix app!

    Tax return deadline for 2023: December 31, 2027 -> Find out how much you'll get back with the Taxfix app!

    Tax return deadline for 2024: December 31, 2028 -> Find out how much you'll get back from January 01, 2025!

    Taxfix tax tip:

    Usually, it’s worthwhile to file a voluntary tax return, especially if your income-related expenses (Werbungskosten) exceed 1,200 euros. This 1,200-euro mark is easily exceeded with a daily one-way commute of 19 km. And apart from the commute, you may still have other income-related expenses.

    Find out whether a tax return is worthwhile for you.

    Answer a few questions to see what kind of refund you could expect.. Our tax calculator will determine how high your estimated tax refund will be, and whether or not it would be worth your while to submit a tax return.


    All tax filing deadlines at a glance

    Tax year

    Deadline for the mandatory tax return (filing yourself)

    Deadline for the mandatory tax return with a tax advisor

    Deadline for a voluntary tax return


    not possible anymore

    not possible anymore

    December 31, 2024


    not possible anymore

    not possible anymore

    December 31, 2025


    October 02, 2023

    June 02, 2025

    December 31, 2026


    September 02, 2024

    April 30, 2026

    December 31, 2027

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    Missed your deadline? Don't panic!

    As a rule, the tax office will turn a blind eye if your tax return arrives a few days late. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself too much extra time, because you could be charged late fees.

    If, for example, you know in advance that you will not meet the 2022 tax return deadline, you should apply to the tax office for an extension. Even if the last possible deadline has passed, this can save you from additional fees.

    How to apply for an extension of the deadline:

    You can apply for a deadline extension quite easily with an informal letter. State the reasons for the delay (for example, missing documents or illness) as well as a new favourable date of your choice (no later than 30 September) for the submission. Send the letter by post or fax to your local tax office. Make sure you quote your tax identification number. The extension is usually granted if you do not hear any opposition from the tax office to your request.


    What happens if I do not file a tax return?

    If the tax office has not received your income tax return, or an application for an extension of the deadline, they will often send you a request for submission. The deadline the tax office stipulates in this letter must be met to avoid a late filing surcharge.

    How much is the late-tax penalty (Verspätungszuschlag)?

    For each month delay (or part of a month), the tax office will charge 0.25 % of your assessed tax, but not less than 25 euros.

    Even If you do not receive an instruction to file, contact your tax office as soon as possible – 14 months after the end of a tax year, the tax office's discretionary powers end, and late fees will inevitably be incurred.


    2019 tax return submitted on: 15.05.2021

    Submission deadline: 31.07.2020.

    14-month deadline: 30.09.2021

    Late filing fee is charged for August 2020 to May 2021.

    Please note:

    If you do not submit your documents as a taxpayer, the tax office can demand your tax return within seven years. If you are missing documents like receipts when the tax office requests them, the tax office will estimate your tax - perhaps to your disadvantage.

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