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Get your taxes done stress-free and easy by certified tax consultants.

Reliable and safe: Highest safety standards

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How the Expert Service works

Don't feel like doing your taxes? Then let your tax return be done by a certified tax consultant. Simply upload a few documents and receive your tax return in a few days. All you have to do is check and approve it – and you're done!

Provide tax info & documents

In a few minutes, you answer a few questions and take a picture of your documents. We will find your personal tax advisor.

Tax consultant prepares tax return

While you sit back and relax, a certified tax advisor prepares your tax return from your documents in just a few days.

Release and have submitted

You receive the tax return for review. If you approve it, your tax expert will submit it for you - safely, correctly and on time.

Prepare your own tax return

Free refund calculation. €39.99 upon submission

For anyone who wants to file an easy and secure tax return themselves

Receive an advance calculation of your refund and pay only when you turn it in

Guided and intuitive process with simple questions

Automatic data retrieval: simply retrieve your income data from the tax office and have it pre-filled

Reliable plausibility checks

€59.99 for married couples or registered partnerships looking to file a tax return together

Get your tax assessment for free and only pay when you submit your return

Have it done for you with Expert Service

20% of your tax refund, minimum €59,99

For those who are unsure or can't find the time – hand your taxes to an expert

Provide a few necessary documents in minutes

An independent tax advisor will prepare and submit your tax return for you

Personalised document upload: Only submit documents that are completely necessary

Detailed check of your information

Only pay when you receive the result of your tax assessment

What you need to know

There are two ways to file your tax return with Taxfix: complete the simple question-and-answer process via app or browser, or have your taxes done by an independent tax advisor using Expert Service.

If you do your tax return yourself, you can get a free calculation of your estimated refund before submitting to your local tax office via the official ELSTER interface.

Your tax return will be prepared by an independent, certified tax advisor. 

After the tax office has processed your tax, the payment for the expert service is made. You can find the fee on our cost pages. There you will also find the price in case you file a joint tax return as partners, i.e. you are jointly assessed.

Not all Taxfix discount codes are valid for the expert service.

We are convinced that with Taxfix you always make the right choice for your tax return. The service is ideal for you if you prefer to leave your taxes to the tax advisor. You want to sit back and relax while others rack their brains over your taxes? Then the Expert Service is just the right choice for you.

The expert service is available to singles, couples, families, employees, civil servants, trainees, students, pensioners and short-time workers who live in Germany. Unfortunately, the service is not yet available for self-employed persons or freelancers.

To use the service, there are, among others, the following conditions:

  • Residence in Germany
  • No self-employed work in the tax year
  • No tax return for income from abroad

The preparation of your tax return usually takes a few days. Please note that the tax advisor is dependent on you providing us with important information and documents in a timely manner in order to process your return quickly.

The documents you need to provide depend on your tax situation. Don't worry: Based on a few questions, we will determine which documents the tax advisor needs from you. We will provide you with an individual overview of the required documents.

Expert Service explained

This is how Taxfix's new expert service works, where your tax return is comfortably handled by competent, independent tax consultants.

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