FAQ about Taxfix

Questions about the app

What does the app do?
For which year does the app creates the tax declaration?
How long does it take to prepare the tax declaration?
Do you also offer tax advice?
Who can not use Taxfix for his tax declaration?
I still have questions. Can you help?
Can I send you my feedbacks?

Expats, foreigners and relocators

Can I use the Taxfix app as an expat, foreigner, or relocator?
When do I have to file a tax return as an expat, foreigner or relocator?
Why do I have to declare my foreign income in my German tax declaration?
Does the app apply the double taxation agreement (DTA)?
How is foreign income taxed in Germany?
What is the credit method (“Anrechnungsmethode”)?
What is the exemption method (“Freistellungsmethode”)?
Can I deduct work-related relocation costs from my taxes?
Is it possible to get a tax credit for the taxes paid to Germany?

Questions about the annual payslip

What is an annual payslip (“Lohnsteuerbescheinigung”)?
When do I get my annual payslip?
Entering data from annual payslip
How should I take a photo of my annual payslip?
The data could not be read from my photo. What should I do?

Results of the tax calculation of the app

Results of tax calculation tax refund
Additional tax payment
Loss carryforward
Loss carryforward combined with tax refund or additional payment
Can I choose to file my tax return voluntarily?
As a result of the tax calculation I can make use of a loss carryforward. What does this mean?

Questions about the tax declaration submission and payment

How much does it cost to use Taxfix?
How do I pay?
Do I get confirmation of transmission?
How can I download my tax return?
How do I manage receipts and proofs?
What does Taxfix have to do with ELSTER?

Questions about the tax assessment

The tax assessment differs from the app calculation. What can I do now?
When will I receive my tax assessment?
When will I receive my tax refund?
Why don’t I get a refund?

Questions about data protection

What happens to my data?
Why are so many personal data requested?
How are tax documents sent to the tax office?
Can I delete my Taxfix account?
Which devices can I use for my tax return?

Support & Help

If you ever need help, you can visit our Support Center anytime.

Please note however, that we cannot offer you any tax assistance or tax advice. Our Support Team will be happy to help you with technical questions.