Finance Tips in Germany

Timing & Finance:
What's the deadline
for filing my tax return?

Many people have never considered filing their taxes. It used to be messy and complicated – and if you're a regular employee, you might not even need to file. Since not all taxpayers are legally obligated to file an annual tax return, there can be confusion when it comes to the deadline: It’s not the same for all taxpayers! Our overview of the different regulations will help you file on time regardless.

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Facing Finance & Covid-19:
Moving forward in uncertain times

As an international company with team members from all over the globe, including deeply affected countries like China, Korea and Italy, we are experiencing the unique challenges the current crisis presents. We are witnessing the ongoing development of this situation on so many different layers of our society. And at a time where big parts of the world were nearly coming to a halt, we want to share a few thoughts on steadily moving forward.

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Personal Finance:
When must I file a (mandatory) tax return?

Some taxpayers are legally obligated to file an annual tax declaration while others may as well skip it. Read on to get all the information you need to determine whether you are excluded or legally obligated to file a tax declaration. Also, discover the financial benefits of filing even if it isn't mandatory, which could add an average tax refund of €1,027 to your bank account.

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