Finance Tips in Germany

The Four Aspects of Money:
Make your money management more efficient

Money does not make you happy. We know that, but no money does not necessarily make you happier either. No matter how you flip it: Whether you have a lot or a little of it, it often causes you headaches and never seems to be enough.

With a few helpful methods, you can clarify your handling of money and eventually overcome your distraction with this sometimes dull topic.

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What's the deadline
for filing my tax return?

Many people have never considered filing their taxes. It used to be messy and complicated – and if you're a regular employee, you might not even need to file. Since not all taxpayers are legally obligated to file an annual tax return, there can be confusion when it comes to the deadline: It’s not the same for all taxpayers! Our overview of the different regulations will help you file on time regardless.

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What can I deduct as study costs?

Being a student comes with expenses – but your tax return is a great way to reclaim at least a part of your hard-earned money. Find out what you can deduct as study costs to claim your optimal refund as a university student!

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