Can Taxfix give me free tax advice?

Only certified tax specialists are entitled to provide in-depth customised tax advice. Understandably, such service is cost-intensive.


The experienced tax experts at Taxfix calculate your estimated tax refund in minutes — for free — and without any contractual obligation. It’s paperless and spares you unnecessary tax anxiety.

Where can I get free tax advice?

Personalised tax advice consists of comprehensive guidance specific to your case. it also includes the preparation and submission of individual tax returns. It’s a time and labour -intensive task. Even with communities such as Lohnsteuerhilfe, this is generally not free of charge. 


 One alternative to traditional tax advice is the tax office programme ELSTER. Additionally, there are plenty of software that help  complete  your tax return. In contrast to ELSTER, software provide a convenient question-answer process, intelligent tips and even automatic data checks when you’re filling out the return. Taxfix is one such provider.


Although it uses ELSTER to file your taxes, the Taxfix user interface is intuitive and simplified. In other words, with Taxfix you won’t see any of the unclear and complicated forms characteristic of ELSTER. Because the questions are easy to grasp, Taxfix is quick. Furthermore, you don’t waste time on cryptic tax terms. Taxfix also has the option for you to file your taxes in English or German. Your tax return is paperless; you can file taxes using the app  (available on iOS and Android phones) or your PC web browser. So, you can file taxes on the go from anywhere in the world. With Taxfix, your tax return calculation is free of cost. Moreover, anyone can explore the extensive Taxfix knowledge base and start saving more from taxes. In other words, Taxfix is a worthy and affordable alternative to an expensive tax consultation.


All you have to do is create a free account and upload a few documents. Then you answer a few simplified tax questions in interview mode. In case of doubt, refer to the detailed explanations in the corresponding infoboxes or simply contact the Taxfix customer service.

Why Taxfix?

Average refunds of €1,095

Get back your overpaid taxes! It’s hard-earned money that is rightfully yours — invest or spend it on anything you’ve been saving up for.

In less than half an hour

Don’t spend so much time on your tax return, but more time on things that matter — not to mention, you won’t waste time worrying about tax errors ever again.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Over 50,000 positive reviews — that speaks volumes about satisfied Taxfix users.

How can I file my taxes myself for free?

A free tax return is possible with ELSTER. It’s the official programme of the German tax authorities and costs nothing. However, the ELSTER forms are rather cryptic, especially for people who don’t have expert knowledge of German tax terms. They are riddled with technical terms, and there’s hardly any help in understanding them. They’re also not case-specific. They have to cover all tax cases and, thus, are very extensive. ELSTER is not built to customise the tax filing process according to your case.

What does Taxfix offer for free?

Taxfix provides a free estimation of your tax refund or possible tax arrears. Taxfix submits your taxes directly to the tax office using the official ELSTER interface, but this step is optional. If you decide to submit your tax return with Taxfix, you will have to pay a small fee. We’ll explore this in detail in the next section.


You can use Taxfix for your German tax declaration anywhere in the worldin English or Germanand get your tax return calculation without any prior knowledge of German tax laws. This service is always free. Just answer a few questions and get your tax refund calculation. If you choose to file with Taxfix, we will forward your tax return in a secure and encrypted form to the local tax office through the official ELSTER interface.

Is filing the tax return with Taxfix free of charge?

Based on the information you provide, Taxfix calculates an estimate of the amount of your refund on the spot, without contractual obligation—this step is always free.

Then you have the option to file your tax return to the tax office using Taxfix. If you choose so, there is the Taxfix fee


Taxfix files your taxes to the tax office using the secure official ELSTER interface. Within weeks, the tax office will send you a notice and transfer your refund to your account. Filing your tax return doesn’t get any easier. Try it out now!

Frau, die mit dem Rücken zur Kamera steht, sich zum Betrachter umdreht und dabei von der Sonne angestrahlt wird

Your tax-return in less than half an hour

Designed with the help of tax experts, the Taxfix app empowers you to reclaim overpaid taxes each year. Simple, fast, secure, ELSTER-certified.

Is Taxfix useful even if I have no idea about taxes?

Taxes are tricky. No wonder most of us feel sick to the stomach as tax deadlines approach. After all, errors in the tax return or incomplete information can land you in trouble with the tax officethat’s no walk in the park! Unfortunately, such fears push many taxpayers to hire expensive tax consultants or avoid filing tax returns altogether! That’s how millions of euros of hard-earned money are lost each year as unclaimed tax returns.


Taxfix is changing that statistic one tax return at a time. In most cases, even a voluntary tax return is worth filing. Our app breaks down the complicated tax forms into a simple question-and-answer format. It navigates your tax return step-by-step so that we cover all the questions relevant to your tax case. So, even if you’re alien to the tax world, we’ve got you. All you need is less than half an hour to prepare and submit your tax return with us. Best of all: you’re free from tax forms and irrelevant paperwork!


Make your work easier with Taxfix. Rest assured, you won’t be the first person to find the Taxfix questions interesting!

What advantages does Taxfix offer me when filing taxes?

Taxfix helps you prepare your online tax return and calculates your estimated refund free of charge. Your advantages at a glance:


  • Simple questions instead of complicated forms
  • Prior tax knowledge is not required
  • Automatic plausibility-check of your data
  • Free calculation of your estimated refund
  • Zero contractual obligation to submit your tax return
  • Encrypted transmission of your tax return via the official ELSTER interface
  • Available in English or German
  • No chaotic paperwork — everything’s online
  • No unnecessary trips to the tax office


Taxfix is your alternative to an expensive tax advisor, except that it doesn’t charge you a fortune to calculate your tax refund. Get your tax refund estimate now, without any contractual obligation.


To get your tax return calculated, you need to answer a few simple questions via the app (available on iOS and Android) or the web browser. Info-boxes and tax tips help with general tax questions. If something is still unclear, our customer care is happy to support you.

This is how it works

Steuererklärung-App von Taxfix

How can you help me with tax questions?

Our website has innumerable articles on tax tips, which break down complex tax topics. They are a free alternative to a paid tax consultation. However, please note that Taxfix does not offer individual tax advice nor replace a certified tax advisor.


Not sure if you’re obligated to file a tax return? Our checklist on who’s obligated to file a tax return will help you decide. Even for employees, it’s beneficial to file a voluntary tax return. Home office days, sickness costs, or commuting expenses, among other costs, are tax-deductible and can lead to refunds. According to the Federal Statistical Office, taxpayers receive an average of 1,095 euros as annual tax refunds.


Were you affected by short-time work (Kurzarbeit) as an employee because of the Corona Crisis 2020? Did you receive unemployment benefits in 2020? We optimised Taxfix to help you file taxes in such tricky situations. When you file with Taxfix, it addresses home office and other lump sums, by default, to help you earn maximum refunds.

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About Taxfix

Lino Teuteberg and Mathis Büchi founded the fintech startup Taxfix in 2016. Taxfix helps hundreds of thousands of people file their annual tax returns quickly, correctly, and without stress. Experienced tax experts, lawyers, and developers collaborate at Taxfix to demystify taxes and create an intuitive tax-filing app. The goal: simplify tax returns to make refunds accessible to all taxpayers.