Is there free tax advice and what does Taxfix do?

Tax advice is usually carried out by certified tax professionals and is generally expensive. With Taxfix, you can quickly and non-bindingly determine the estimated amount of your tax refund and submit your tax return stress-free and paperless.


Where can I get free tax advice?

Tax advice is a comprehensive and individualized service for preparing and submitting your tax return. Even with providers like Lohnsteuerhilfe, this service is generally not free. The reason for this is the significant effort involved.

Alternatives to traditional tax advice include the tax office program ELSTER (in German) and services that assist with filling out your tax return. These services distinguish themselves from ELSTER by offering a convenient question-and-answer process and providing intelligent tips and checks when filling out the forms. Taxfix is one of these providers.

Instead of dealing with extensive and confusing forms like in ELSTER, modern solutions offer a simple filling process using understandable language rather than complicated tax jargon. With Taxfix, you can perform the calculation of your likely tax refund for free, conveniently from home or on the go.

Taxfix offers tax apps for both iOS and Android to easily and quickly create and submit your tax return on your smartphone. They also offer an online solution optimized for use in a browser on a PC or laptop. Taxfix can serve as an alternative to expensive tax advice through its infoboxes and numerous articles.

All you have to do is create a free account and upload a few documents. Then you make your tax declarations simply through a question-and-answer process. If you don't understand a question, you'll find detailed explanations in the associated infoboxes.


How much does a tax return cost with a tax advisor?

Calculation: This is how you find out how much tax advice costs

Tax consultations, similar to doctors and law practices, are bound by a fee regulation ("Vergütungsverordnung"). This doesn't mean that a service will cost the same across all advisors, but it does provide you with a legally defined framework, and thus, a sense of security. Deviations from the regulation are only possible if there is a written agreement that defines otherwise.

The calculation of the costs that you will find on the invoice at the end is complex. This is because it cannot be said in advance how much effort your tax return will require from the tax advisor. However, based on our specific examples, you can get a sense of the costs.

For the sake of completeness: Instead of a detailed breakdown and calculation of the fee, a flat fee can also be agreed upon under certain conditions. However, this is not the norm.

Three examples of tax advisory costs

(1) Family, two parents with income, two children

Person 1: Salary 35,000 Euros, with a deduction for advertising costs of 3,500 Euros

Income from capital assets: 4,000 Euros with joint savings allowance (Sparerpauschbetrag) of 1,602 Euros

Person 2: Salary 25,000 Euros, with a deduction for advertising costs of 3,000 Euros

-> Tax advisory costs range from 200.85 € to 1,618.20 €, depending on the complexity of the case (determined by the tax advisor).

(2) Single with lower income

Salary: 30,000 Euros, with a deduction for advertising costs: 1,000 (standard advertising cost allowance for the year 2022)

-> Tax advisory costs range from 153.00 € to 1,090.40 €, depending on the complexity of the case (determined by the tax advisor).

(3) Divorced person with higher income

Salary: 105,000 Euros, with a deduction for advertising costs: 5,000 Euros

Income from capital assets: 12,000 Euros, with a deduction for saver's allowance (Sparerpauschbetrag) 2022: 801 Euros

Income from renting & leasing: 24,000 Euros, with a deduction for advertising costs 5,000 Euros

Other income from cryptocurrencies: 6,000 Euros, with a deduction for advertising costs (purchase): 3,000 Euros

-> Tax advisory costs range from 372.40 € to 3,140 €, depending on the complexity of the case (determined by the tax advisor).

How these sums are calculated

Behind these sums is an extensive calculation, which you can find in our guide article: How much does a tax advisor cost? (German). The main components of the calculation are:

  • The effort and type of desired service
  • The subject matter value (Gegenstandswert)
  • The frame or "fee rate" (Gebührensatz)

File your own tax return

Calculate your estimated refund free of charge, then pay €39.99 euros upon submission.

Calculate your estimated refund free of charge, then pay €39.99 euros upon submission. Do your taxes yourself via the app or browser following the simple question-answer flow. You don't need any previous knowledge! Submit your tax return securely and directly to the tax office via our official ELSTER interface.

Easy to understand questions

Automatic plausibility check

Free calculation of your refund

Only pay after you receive the results of your tax assessment

Have your taxes done for you with Expert Service

20% of your tax refund (minimum of €69.99)

Don't feel like doing your own taxes? Have an independent tax advisor do them for you. Simply upload a few documents and receive your tax return in a few days. All you have to do is check it, approve it, and you're done!

Direct point of contact

Certified, independent tax advisors

Calculation of your expected refund

Detailed accuracy check of your information

Only pay after you receive the results of your tax assessment


How can I do my tax return for free myself?

A free tax return is generally only possible with ELSTER (German). The official program of the German Financial Administration is free of charge. However, keep in mind that ELSTER is often very difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with taxes. The forms to be filled out also contain technical terms, provide little help for filling them out, and are very extensive, as they must cover all tax cases—not just yours.

What Taxfix offers for free

With Taxfix, you can get a free estimate of the amount of a possible refund or additional payment for your tax return.

If you submit your tax return with Taxfix, we charge a fee for transmitting it via the secure Elster interface. On the Taxfix costs page, you can find the current prices.

The best thing about Taxfix: you can do it from anywhere and without prior knowledge of tax matters. Simply answer a few questions and have your refund calculated. If everything fits, we will personally and securely forward your tax return to your responsible tax office via the official ELSTER interface.


Is the tax return free with Taxfix?

Based on your information, Taxfix provides a free and non-binding estimate for the amount of your refund. Then you decide whether to submit against the Taxfix fee.

After securely submitting, the tax office transfers the possible refund to your account within a few weeks and informs you via a tax assessment notice. Submitting your tax return could hardly be simpler or more stress-free. Try it out now!


Why should I do my tax return with Taxfix?

Taxes are a vexing issue, and most of us get a sinking feeling when the time for filing the Einkommensteuererklärung (income tax return) draws near. Out of fear of making mistakes and consequently getting into trouble with the Finanzamt (tax office), many people opt for an expensive Steuerberater (tax advisor) or don't file a tax return at all.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. After all, even a voluntary tax return is worthwhile in most instances. With Taxfix, you can complete and submit your tax return in less than half an hour. Even without prior tax knowledge, our app helps you navigate the maze of tax questions through its simple question-and-answer process. And the best part: We definitely won't present you with a form that you have to fill out!

Make your life easier with Taxfix, and rest assured – you wouldn't be the first person to actually enjoy the Taxfix questions!

Taxfix advantages for all

With Germany's most popular mobile tax app, you can do your tax return in no time.

Guided and intuitive process

Answer our easy-to-understand questions, or sit back and have your taxes done by an independent tax advisor.

Reliable check of your data

We check your data for plausibility through sophisticated plausibility checks.

Estimated tax refund, free of charge

If you choose to file your own taxes with Taxfix, we’ll calculate how much you can expect back from the tax office.

Efficient and secure tax returns

Only answer what's related to your case. Or have your taxes prepared and submitted by an independent tax advisor.


Which advantages do get from Taxfix?

Save yourself the nerve-wracking maze of forms, chaotic paperwork, and possibly even a trip to the law firm. Our tax app helps you create your tax return digitally for free and calculates how much refund you are likely to receive. Here's an overview of your benefits:

  • Simple questions instead of complicated forms

  • No prior tax knowledge required

  • Automatic verification of your information for plausibility

  • Preliminary estimate of your potential refund

  • Encrypted transmission of the tax return via ELSTER interface

  • Also available in English

Taxfix can be your alternative to an expensive Steuerberater (tax advisor). It helps you get a free estimate of the possible refund for your tax return. Get a non-binding estimate of the refund amount by personally answering a few simple questions via the app on iOS and Android. Alternatively, you can use a browser to do your tax return from your computer. If something is unclear, we are here for you. Infoboxes and tax tips help with general tax questions.

Who helps me when I have questions around taxes?

On our website, you'll find numerous guide articles on tax tips and manuals that can serve as a free alternative to paid tax advice and explain the topic to you in a simple and understandable way. Please note that Taxfix does not offer individual tax advice and does not replace a certified Steuerberater (tax advisor).

Are you unsure whether you are even obligated to file a tax return? Our checklist for filing requirements makes it easier for you to find the answer. Even as an employee, voluntary filing of a tax return can be worthwhile. Home office days, medical expenses, or commuting can be tax-deductible and lead to refunds. On average, according to the Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office), you could get back 1,095 euros.

Were you affected by short-time work due to the Corona crisis in 2020 or later, or did you receive unemployment benefits? We have also optimized our app for that. When you create your tax return with Taxfix, home office and other lump sums are automatically queried.