File your tax return online: it's easy with Taxfix!

Taxes can feel effortless. Taxfix simplifies tax filing into an online step-by-step process. User-friendly and intuitive, the Taxfix app asks you relevant tax questions when you file your 2020 taxes.

As an employee, you can still secure an income tax refund from 2019—or earlier!

How do I start my tax return?

When filing a tax return, you must submit a written or electronic declaration of your income. This declaration must state your total income and all other tax-relevant information. The tax office calculates your income tax based on the information in your declaration, so ensure that all information is complete and correct.

Who is obligated to file a tax return?

Some occupations face an obligation to file taxestradespeople, self-employed, farmers, etc. However, employees may also fall in this category. Certain tax brackets and circumstances result in the same obligationfor instance if you have a loss carried forward (Verlustvortrag) or received over 410 euros in wage replacement benefits or dealt with Kurzarbeit. Are you obligated to file taxes? Read this article to find out.

Even without an obligation, filing your tax return is often a sensible decision for your financial planning. Frequently, taxpayers pay more income tax than due or have surplus income tax deducted from their accounts throughout the year. In such cases, filing a voluntary tax return can result in a considerable tax refund.

What’s the deadline for filing my income tax return?

You have a three-month extension in 2021 to file your 2020 income tax return (as an exception, the tax deadline is on October 31, 2021). If you are gainfully employed in Germany and are not obligated to file a tax return, you get four years to file your tax return. This implies that in 2021, you can submit your tax returns online for the years 2017 to 2020.

Did you face Kurzarbeit or unemployment in 2020? File your taxes with Taxfix.

File your online tax return effortlessly in under 30 minutes.

How do I file a tax return?

The income tax return must be in writing irrespective of your medium of filing: paper, through the Finanzamt’s website, or tax software. When you choose to file taxes in writing, you’ll need to battle ever-piling tax paperwork. In complex tax cases, it is advisable to consult a tax adviser. Employees can find support at the Lohnsteuerhilfeverein or choose a secure tax software. Taxfix is one such software, which helps you file taxes through an app or browser.

The Challenges of Filing Taxes by Yourself: Flood of Tax Forms

If you’ve decided to file your tax return online all by yourself, you’ll soon be confronting innumerable tax forms. These are known as the general tax form (Mantelbogen) and additional tax forms (Anlage). When you have to fill these out, you provide comprehensive personal data necessary for tax filing.

Filing out the ‘Mantelbogen’ and ‘Anlage’ is not just mandatory they’re the easy part of tax returns. You need additional attachments to the form, which provide information on income from employment, social security contributions, children, or capital assets.

If you are not familiar with tax laws, it’s stressful to figure out what’s relevant to your tax case, not to mention time-consuming to research and dissect tax jargon. After all, the nitty-gritty of haushaltsnahe Dienstleistungen (household-related services), außergewöhnlichen Belastungen (extraordinary burdens) or specific information on Sonderausgaben (special expenses) are not part of everyday vocabulary. Additionally, the tax office is strict about errors in the tax returninaccurate information on tax forms can lead to miscalculated tax refund amounts and, in more serious cases, stringent tax penalties.

Here’s a Better Way to File Taxes Yourself

The Finanzamt has its own portal for online tax filing: ELSTER. It’s secure and comprehensive. Once you begin your income tax return with ELSTER and stumble upon alien tax jargon, it starts to get tricky there’s little explanation of technical terms and legal principles. Again, if you’re unfamiliar with German taxes, you will feel abandoned when filing your online tax return with ELSTER. That said, you can still do taxes yourself; all you need is secure and specialised software that simplifies the tax forms, provides relevant tax information and saves you unnecessary stress.

Taxfix is a lean software that guides you through the tax jungle with intuitive questions designed by tax experts.

Taxfix is browser-based and available as an iOS and Android appyou can file your taxes paperless on your PC or phone! The software provides valuable tips on completing your tax return online and asks simplified questions relevant to your tax return calculation. If you need any technical or general assistance in the process, you can easily reach the Taxfix team of experts.

Your tax return in just 22 minutes!

Designed with the help of tax experts, the Taxfix app empowers you to reclaim overpaid taxes each year. Simple, fast, secure, ELSTER-certified.

Why do taxes online with Taxfix?

  • Taxfix works with simple questions instead of complicated forms
  • Prior tax knowledge is not necessary
  • Your information will be checked for plausibility
  • The expected refund is determined before the tax return submission
  • Encrypted data transfer using the official ELSTER interface
  • You pay only when you expect a minimum tax refund of 50 euros or if you are obligated to submit an income declaration

File Your Tax Return in Five Steps

With Taxfix, you can do your tax return in no time at all. The program guides you through your tax situation in interview mode, checks your information and calculates your tax liability or, of course, any credit. And while you wait for your tax bill, you can stay completely relaxed. Because with Taxfix, you can’t go wrong when declaring your income!

Here are the Taxfix steps:

  1. Create account
  2. Answer questions
  3. Get refund calculation
  4. Submit data to the tax office
  5. Receive tax assessment

Create account

The first step to filing your taxes is to register with Taxfix. Enter your email address and choose an access code. During the registration, you will enter necessary tax info, such as your relationship status, your economic activity in the relevant tax year, additional income, etc. Register now! It’s free and takes 2 minutes!

Answer questions

After successful registration, you’re all set for your tax questions. Taxfix will guide you through a questionnaire with 70 topics. These are specifically tailored to your tax case and focus on your income and tax-deductible items. For instance, when filing income tax for 2020, questions are directed more to COVID-19-related allowances like home office, Kurzarbeit, etc. Similarly, when you file income tax for 2019 and preceding years, the questions address your study, commute to work, and so on. The interview takes a little over 20 minutes. Unique service: Thanks to the constant sync function of app and browser entries, you can enter your information on different devices without the fear of losing data.

Get refund calculation

Once your data is ready, Taxfix runs a plausibility check to eliminate any errors. Then, the programme calculates your estimated tax return.

The results are varied. For instance, you may have overpaid your income tax during the fiscal year. There are a few reasons for thismultiple advance payments on income tax or payment of excessive income tax by your employer (after all, the employer cannot account for your expenses when calculating your income tax). Your tax return is calculated free of charge. There’s a fee only if you decide to submit taxes through Taxfix, and that, too, in particular circumstances.

Why Taxfix?

Average refunds of €1,051

Get back your overpaid taxes! It’s hard-earned money that is rightfully yours invest or spend it on anything you’ve been saving up for.

22 Minutes

Spend less time on your tax return, more time on things that matter — not to mention, you won’t waste time worrying about tax errors ever again..

4.6 out of 5 stars

Over 50,000 positive reviews that speaks volumes about satisfied Taxfix users.

Submit data to the tax office

After confirming and approving that your information is ready for transmission, you can choose to submit your tax return to the relevant tax office (Finanzamt) using Taxfix. If the tax estimate is lower than 50 euros, and you file your declaration voluntarily (in the absence of tax obligation), filing your taxes entails no costs. Taxfix submits your tax return through the official ELSTER interface of the tax office. Since Taxfix uses complex encryption technology (also used by banks) when submitting your tax return, your tax data remains secure and private.

Receive Tax Assessment

Depending on the complexity of your tax case, you can expect to receive your tax assessment in four to twelve weeks. When it comes to processing time by the tax office, it makes no significant difference whether you use Taxfix, Mein ELSTER, or submit your tax return directly to the tax office. The tax office transfers the tax refund to your bank account once it issues your income tax assessment. If you face tax arrears by chance, the tax office will send you a deadline for the same.

Double Profit With Taxfix — Save More Than Money

Taxfix helps you save — not just from taxes.

The Taxfix software is designed to not only get you the maximum possible refunds, but the Taxfix service itself is also tax-deductible! If you pay for submitting your tax return through Taxfix, you can include these costs in your 2020 tax return as ‘tax consulting costs’. This reduces your taxable income.

In addition, Taxfix saves you a lot of time (something that comes with no refunds!). The user-friendly interface ensures that your tax return is ready in under half an hour.

Moreover, the simplified questionnaire eliminates complex tax jargon but addresses all relevant tax questions. The automated error check keeps taxes correct and stress-free. Once you get a hefty refund from the tax office, you might even start loving the idea of filing taxes!

Open yourself to tax refunds and register with Taxfix today!

About Taxfix

About Taxfix

Lino Teuteberg and Mathis Büchi founded the fintech startup Taxfix in 2016. Taxfix helps hundreds of thousands of people file their annual tax returns quickly, correctly, and without stress. Experienced tax experts, lawyers, and developers collaborate at Taxfix to demystify taxes and create an intuitive tax-filing app. The goal: simplify tax returns to make refunds accessible to all taxpayers.

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