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Filing your tax return online is easier than ever with Taxfix. In less than thirty minutes on average, you can complete an accurate online tax return by answering simple questions.

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Why use Taxfix?

Everybody’s tax filing situation is different – some people put it off, others never do it at all. There are those who file voluntarily and can afford it, and others who are obliged to file a tax return.

Regardless of which group you belong to, Taxfix helps you fill out your tax return through a series of simple questions, rather than complex forms. Filing taxes is no longer a daunting task. With our help, you can complete your annual return in less than half an hour on average.

In most cases, tax results are positive, meaning you can expect more money in your account.

Find out here what your tax result will be – it just takes a minute:

Multiple awards!

Taxfix is a certified partner of ELSTER, the online service of the tax office. In addition, our information security technology is TÜV-certified. Our customers appreciate this and regularly give us top marks.

Tax return online with Taxfix vs. alternatives

In the table, you can compare what Taxfix offers compared to other tax return options.





Steuerberatung / Lohnsteuerhilfe

Official ELSTER interface

Without time-consuming registration


Easy to use through understandable questions

Further tips and instructions

Easy to use without prior tax knowledge

Automatic plausibility check

Calculation of your expected refund

Support for all tax cases

More information



Data synchronisation between app and computer

Fast, simple, correct: data retrieval from the tax office

More information


Have your taxes done by independent tax advisors - with the Expert Service

More information

Here, you'll find more along the comparison between Taxfix and other filing options:

- tax advisory

- tax return via app

- tax return via software


Bottom line: Made for you

Instead of complicated tax terms, Taxfix asks easy-to-understand questions, so you understand everything and get more out.

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Online tax return: what you need to know

Deadlines for filing your tax return

The tax office is strict about deadlines, and they should be adhered. For the tax year 2022, the deadline is October 02, 2023.

If you file voluntarily, you have more time, but filing promptly makes things easier, as your income and expenses are still top of mind.

Find out about filing deadlines

How to file your tax return online.

No need to be afraid of filing taxes anymore! With this complete guide, we’ll show you how to do your tax in a completely new way with Taxfix.

Tips & procedures for your tax return

Compulsory or voluntary?

Find out who is required to file a tax return, and what to consider if you had short-time work or were unemployment in 2022. Remember – filing voluntarily is worth it in most cases!

Find out whether you have to file or not

Want the best tax refund you can get?

Find all the tips you need in our guide. Whether it's moving expenses, deductible special expenses, or how to get the most out of your income-related expenses, you'll find the answers here.

The Taxfix guide

Tax return 2023: everything you need to know

All the info on the 2022 tax return and which others you can file in 2023: deadlines, programmes & apps, compulsory filing, and changes to tax laws.

Here you can find information on the tax returns that you can currently file.

Taxes & financial freedom!

Taxfix promotes financial freedom for you. This is how you benefit: 1) data retrieval from the tax office for a fast and accurate tax return, 2) payment is only required when you file or complete your tax return 3) easy to understand questions when you file for yourself, or you can have your taxes done for you with Expert Service.

Juliane, tax expert at Taxfix​

Scan your income tax certificate, and you're done!

Get it early! Submit now so the tax office takes care of your tax return early. Simply upload your income tax certificate and answer the simple questions.

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Frequently asked questions

Download the Taxfix app for free from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or access our site in your web browser. At no extra cost, you can calculate your expected tax refund. Alternatively, you can use Taxfix Expert Service and have your tax return done for you by an independent tax advisor. Find the current prices for both services on the Taxfix costs page.

Your tax return is no longer a frustrating process that involves hundreds of open tabs and a stack of forms to fill out. Instead, with Taxfix, you can do your tax return from wherever you are via the app or in a web browser.

With Expert Service, you can now also have your taxes done for you. Simply upload a few documents and receive your tax return in a matter of days. All you have to do is check and approve it.

Are you looking for instructions for your tax return? We provide an easy-to-understand tax return completion guide for computer and app.

This article will provide help for completing your tax return.

This reduces the risk of incorrect entries and problems with the tax office - thanks to the automatic plausibility check!

Taxfix supports you with your document uploads. You can simply photograph or upload important documents via the app. Uploading documents via your web browser is also easy – find out how under How Taxfix works.

We are always working towards supporting more tax cases. Currently, we offer online tax return services for the vast majority of employees and other groups, such as students and apprentices.

Find out who we do not yet support here.

If you file with Taxfix, it’s just as fast as filing yourself. However, the exact waiting period can vary.

In our article "When will I receive my money from the tax office", we answer this question in more detail.

Is your question not included yet? We have collected the most frequently asked questions and our answers in our FAQ.

About Taxfix

With Taxfix, you can complete your tax returns from 2019-2022, in no time at all. No tax knowledge is necessary – simply choose to complete your Taxfix tax return yourself, or have an independent tax advisor do it for you. What are you waiting for?

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