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Instead of complicated tax terms, Taxfix has easy-to-understand questions. So that you understand everything and there's more in it for you.

Geführter und intuitiver Prozess

Unsere verständlichen Fragen führen dich ganz einfach durch die Steuererklärung.

Zuverlässiger Datencheck​

Trage deine Daten fehlerfrei ein. Wir prüfen automatisch für dich, ob sie plausibel sind.

Geschätzte Steuererstattung​

Wir sagen dir, wie viel du vom Finanzamt bekommst. Taxfix kostet erst bei der Übermittlung.

Steuererklärung: Effizient und sicher​

Deine Zeit ist wertvoll. Beantworte nur, was zählt. Wir übermitteln deine Daten sicher.

On Demand Webinar

We hereby provide you and your employees with a recording of our webinar in English.

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Get a discount on your tax return

Get 20% off your tax return with the code: TX-y1bwBN*

*Voucher redeemable for a tax year of your choice and valid until 31.12.2024. Not valid for the Expert Service. Terms and conditions apply. To redeem the voucher, you must be registered with Taxfix. An offer from Taxfix AG, Köpenicker Str. 122, 10179 Berlin.

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Voucher redeemable for one tax year of your choice and valid until 31.12.2024. Not redeemable for the Expert Service. Terms and conditions apply. To redeem the voucher, you must be regis- tered with Taxfix. An offer of Taxfix AG, Köpenicker Str. 122, 10179 Berlin.

Your checklist beforehand

Step 1

Be prepared and have all the relevant documents ready to save time:

Payroll tax certificate

Tax + tax identification number

Identity card

Operating costs statement of the landlors

Insurance and financial assets

Invoices for your expenses

This is how your register

Step 2

It just takes a few steps:

Navigate to your app store OR open

Choose a tax year

Enter the email address by which you'd like to be registered here

Choose a 4-digit PIN for the login process

Finally confirm the terms and conditions

Navigate to your email inbox and confirm your email

Multiple awards!

With Germany's most popular mobile tax app, you can do your tax return in no time.


Thanks to the API interface to ELSTER, your data will be securely transmitted to the tax office.


The consumer magazine Finanztip recommends Taxfix as tax software for a simple tax return.


More than 255.000 positive reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars speak for themselves.

Made in Germany

Innovation meets quality. Taxfix is developed and designed in Berlin. By people from all over the world.

This is Taxfix for employers

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Extremely valuable for my colleagues

,,The tax coaching was very well prepared and extremely valuable for my colleagues. We talked a lot about it in the office afterwards and everyone really wanted to do their tax returns straight away. I didn't expect so many different questions. They were explained immediately and so confidently with examples of how to use them."

Laura Klinke, Head of People of unu

We have already recovered over 3 billion euros for our customers! Taxfix's mission is to enable financial participation for everyone.

Tax experts work at Taxfix.

Employees counts Taxfix currently.

What the Employees Say

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Education and support

"The desire to get closer to the topic of tax is definitely existent. Tax questions, especially about tax status, for example after a wedding or birth, are always coming up and the regular webinar offerings not only allow for constant education but also timely support and tackling of these problems."

Jule Reggelin, Relocation Managerin of ABOUT YOU

Frequently asked questions

With our app developed by tax experts, we successfully help people every year.

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There are two ways to file your tax return with Taxfix: complete the simple question-and-answer process via app or browser, or have your taxes done by an independent tax advisor using Expert Service.

If you do your tax return yourself, you can get a free calculation of your estimated refund before submitting to your local tax office via the official ELSTER interface.

Do your own taxes: After registering through the app or browser, you will answer an average of 70 questions, specifically tailored to your tax case. You will then immediately receive a free calculation of your estimated refund. If you choose to submit your taxes at that point, we will submit your tax return to your local tax office. Once the tax office has processed your return, your potential refund will be paid into your account and you will receive your tax assessment.

Have your taxes done for you: With Expert Service, simply upload a few documents and receive your tax return in a matter of days. All you have to do is check and approve it.

Download the Taxfix app for free from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or access our site in your web browser. At no extra cost, you can calculate your expected tax refund. Alternatively, you can use Taxfix Expert Service and have your tax return done for you by an independent tax advisor. Find the current prices for both services on the Taxfix costs page.

Submitting a tax return is definitely not something you do off the cuff. And when specialized knowledge is required, it’s understandable to be cautious or even feel sceptical.

For questions that require explanation, Taxfix offers info texts and corresponding advice articles or tax tips. These resources will help with general tax questions on specific points, but not with individual tax questions.

Your question not yet included? We have collected the most frequently asked questions and our answers in our Support Center.

About Taxfix

With Taxfix, you can complete your tax returns from 2019-2022, in no time at all. No tax knowledge is necessary – simply choose to complete your Taxfix tax return yourself, or have an independent tax advisor do it for you. What are you waiting for?

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