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10 Reasons to Use Taxfix: The Tax Filing App That Simplifies Lives

Pooja Ghosh
17. February 2022

Many people avoid filing taxes. The reasons are numerous: Dealing with tax receipts is no fun. Tax forms are complicated. Tax returns are time-consuming and soul-crushing.
It’s a pity. An estimated 500 million Euros of hard-earned money are retained by the tax authorities every year, thanks to the fear of filing taxes.

Taxfix simplifies tax returns so you can get back money that’s yours, without losing your mind.
It’s quick, easy and paper-free. Get back your money and tell your friends and loved ones about Taxfix.

Here are ten convincing arguments to give Taxfix a try.

1. ‘The Taxfix app caters to beginners and experienced taxpayers’

You are employed by a company and have almost no additional income? Then, a voluntary tax return is worth your time. This is because when you only claim the most obvious expenses, such as income-related expenses (Werbungskosten)
, special expenses (Sonderausgaben) or extraordinary burdens (außergewöhnliche Belastungen), the tax return is already worth it!

The tax office deducts 1,000 Euros directly from your taxable income as income-related expenses. You can also deduct travel expenses, health insurance costs, glasses, dentures, craftsmen’s costs, etc.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the average tax refund is 1,051 Euros.

2. ’You don't need any knowledge of taxes or the German language to use Taxfix.’

Taxfix guides you through the entire tax return process with simple questions. The app is highly intuitive and focuses on sections that are relevant to your tax return. You are spared the unnecessary tasks of decoding complex tax jargon and filing piles of paperwork. File taxes without tax gobbledygook—and no prior tax knowledge.

3. ‘Taxfix eliminates annoying forms.’

With Taxfix, you don’t need to fill out a single paper form. Your details are recorded digitally and in real-time. Taxfix uses the official ELSTER interface of the tax authorities, so you don’t have to apply for an ELSTER certificate separately. It’s sustainable, efficient, and updated as per tax office requirements.

4. ‘Pay for Taxfix only if your tax return is worth it.'

Pay when the tax refund amount is worth it. Makes sense, right?

You pay only when you file a tax return with Taxfix. The calculation of your tax refund is free of charge. Only if you choose to submit through Taxfix, costs may occur.

Find out how much we ask for the secure submission of your tax return to the tax office on the Taxfix costs page.

5. ‘Taxfix estimates your refund even before you receive your tax assessment.’

After you have entered all the necessary data, Taxfix calculates your tax refund right away and free of charge. Finally, you may use Taxfix to submit your tax return to the tax office. Until then, everything is 100% free of charge.

Are you curious to know how much your tax refund might be? You can find out in seconds with our tax calculator. Just answer seven simple questions, and you’ll get an estimate of your tax refund free of charge.

Calculate your tax refund for free in less than 30 minutes. Start now!

6. ‘It’s hard to find a faster tax filing app.’

Your tax return takes just 22 minutes with Taxfix! You don’t have to spend hours filling out forms and deciphering tax-alese. Instead, make use of the highly intuitive and simplified questionnaire prepared by Taxfix. As a result, you spend more time on things you love doing and not to mention, spare yourself the anxiety of tax forms!

7. 'With Taxfix you can do your tax return anywhere, anytime, on your PC or mobile.'

With Taxfix, you don’t have to wait for an appointment with a tax advisor or the income tax help association (Lohnsteuerhilfeverein). Do your tax return from anywhere— at home, on the train, at the beach—anywhere. You can use the Taxfix app or the good old PC. It’s secure, paper-free and quick.

8. ‘The support team at Taxfix is available 24/7 to help you.’

If you have some doubts about a question on the app or have problems with the installation, get in touch with the support team. You will receive the appropriate answer on the FAQ page within the app or the website. The customer service is happy to provide a simple solution and receive feedback.

9. ‘You become competent in dealing with taxes.’

With Taxfix’s professional guidance, you can do your tax return yourself.

This not only saves you time and money, but you also learn something in the process. Moreover, it’s a smooth learning curve. With Taxfix, it’s easy to keep track of the tax return process and understand step-by-step what it’s all about. You know what is important when it comes to taxes and tax returns in particular. In contrast, when you hire a tax advisor, you don’t have the same involvement in the process and don’t feel like you’re in charge.

10. Keine Deutschkenntnisse? Taxfix is your lifeboat!

The Taxfix app offers a fully functional English version (as well as a German version, of course!). You can switch between German and English, regardless of what language you use on your phone or your geographical location. This feature is an optimal solution for simplifying the lives of foreigners, immigrants, and expats.

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