Tax return 2023/2024: Your complete guide

Your complete guide: All information about the 2023 tax return and which others you can submit in 2024: deadlines, programs and apps, tax liability and what innovations there are in tax law.


    What do I have to consider for the tax return 2023/2024?

    Due to the corona pandemic, many employees had to go to the short-time work (German) exchange. If you were also on short-time work in tax return 2022 and will receive more than 410 euros in wage replacement benefits (such as short-time work benefits) throughout the year, you are obliged to submit a tax return

    Persons who will be working for several employers at the same time are required to submit a tax return. If you are married and have a specific combination of tax brackets with your spouse, you may be required to do so as well. You can therefore also find further details on this and the obligation to pay the fee in this article (German).

    If none of the scenarios listed apply to you, filing a tax return is voluntary for you. With a voluntary donation, however, you can improve your finances and save money - just the right thing during or after a pandemic.


    You can currently file your tax return for the 2023 tax year. Start the mandatory tax return now and settle the issue of taxes today.
    In addition, in 2024 it is possible to submit the voluntary tax return for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. With these tax returns, you have the opportunity to get money back from the tax office, because: in most cases, the voluntary contribution is worthwhile! You can find all information about this under the contribution to the voluntary contribution (German).

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    When do I have to submit my tax return for 2023/2024?

    There are deadlines and deadlines for submitting the tax return, which you should adhere to. If you are required to submit a tax, the following tax deadline applies: 

    Tax return 2023: September 02, 2024   

    However, if you prepare your tax return with the help of a tax consultant or an income tax assistance association, there is even a time frame up to the year after next. You have until April 30, 2026 with tax advice for your 2023 declaration.    

    We recommend that you submit the mandatory tax return in good time. If you don't manage to do this, there is a risk of reminders and costs, on which a late fee will also be charged. In our guide contribution (German) read.


    What do I need for the 2023/2024 tax return and what can I deduct?

    A tax return means data, the appropriate numbers and documents. The following documentation is therefore essential:

    • Your tax identification number
    • Your employer's income tax statement(s).
    • Your valid bank details
    • Receipts for advertising expenses and special expenses

    As you can see, older documents are also key to the correct explanation. You should therefore keep everything that could become tax-relevant in the future. You may be able to claim some of the expenses for tax purposes and recoup some of the taxes you paid. 

    Such can be job-related expenses for daily work or a move (advertising expenses - German) and other financial burdens. The following articles will give you more information about each type of expense that you can claim for tax purposes:

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    What do I have to consider when filing my 2022 tax return?

    Corona and the war in Ukraine have changed a lot financially. A closer look at the tax changes is therefore a recommendation that can be worthwhile. All in all, for the tax year 2022 there were more relief for donors. 

    Here some examples:

    Child benefit and child allowance increase

    The child allowance increased from the start of 2022 to 2,810 euros for each parent and the childcare allowance to 1,464 euros. This results in an allowance of 4,274 euros (or 8,548 euros for couples who file a joint tax return).  

    You can see the new child benefit amounts in this table:

    The basic allowance has been increased

    The tax authorities have the basic allowance (German) elevated. This is the amount on which you do not have to pay income tax. You can see which value applies to the 2022 tax return in the corresponding row of the table.

    tax year

    basic free allowance


    € 9,168


    € 9,408


    € 9,744


    € 10,347


    € 10,908


    € 11,604

    The home office flat rate also applies to the 2022 tax year

    The corona pandemic has given home office a new role in Germany. It ensures that people do not drive to work. As a result, the commuter allowance or distance allowance cannot be used. However, since the home office is a financial burden, there is a home office flat rate.  

    You can find out more about working from home and the commuter flat rate read here (German).

    Other changes in tax law

    In this article, we will show you all of them other tax changes (German), which will apply from the tax year 2022. With it, people who do not have a severed Workspace (German) still deduct costs. If the workplace is not physically separated in your own home, you can claim 5 euros per day. There is a maximum amount of 600 euros.  

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    How to do the voluntary and mandatory tax returns in 2024?

    There are several ways to submit a tax return to the tax office. The official variant is the software or the browser program ELSTER (German), which stands for Electronic Tax Return. Private users can use the ELSTERonline portal to create and edit their tax return and send it to the tax office. This is done by filling out the digital forms and emerges from the previous paper forms. That is why ELSTER is sometimes accused of a lack of user-friendliness.

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    With the plausibility check, Taxfix ensures that errors in your tax return are less likely. Plus, you can submit in under an hour and get a nice refund if you can! 

    The transmission to the tax office is technically regulated via the official ELSTER interface and is therefore secure. What Taxfix also convinces many customers every day: 

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    Good to know:

    There are now many alternatives to ELSTER. They differ in terms of functionality, program vs. browser-based vs. app and also in price. They often make the tax return easier to understand and offer tools that go beyond those of ELSTER.

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