Do a Joint Tax Return & Secure Your Tax Advantage!

Getting married not only affects your marital status, but it also changes your taxes quite significantly. Many people get married to take advantage of the split tax rate associated with this union.

With Taxfix, you can quickly secure your split tax rate advantage by making a joint tax return.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Married couples and registered same-sex partners can file a joint tax return
  • You must have been married for at least one day in a year to file jointly in that year
  • The higher your income difference, the greater the financial advantage
  • You will receive a joint tax assessment

How Split Tax Rate Works

If you decide to declare a joint request, you can use the spouse split tax rate. This applies to married couples and same sex-partners. The most crucial element is that a legally binding ceremony makes this marriage/partnership.

When you utilize the spouse split tax rate, the tax office adds your income to your partner’s and then divides this sum by two. The percentage of income tax is then calculated based on this result. This percentage is then doubled, the result of which is the income tax you must pay as a married couple.

This is especially worthwhile if the income difference between you and your partner is large.

The split tax rate advantage always applies retroactively for the whole year. If you get married on December 31, for tax purposes, you have been married for the entire year.

The average tax refund is €1,095. Don't let this sum pass you by!