Steuererklärung Studenten ist einfach mit Taxfix und der intuitiven App

Student tax returns⁠—why they're worth it!

College entails costs; tuition fees, books and student life are a big financial burden.


You can compensate for many of your study costs by filing a student tax return. We give you all the tips and information you need about deadlines, deductible expenses and the obligation to file a tax return.

Steuererklärung Studenten ist einfach mit Taxfix und der intuitiven App

Contents: Tax returns for students

When is a tax return worth it for a student?

If you are a student, you’re usually not required to file a tax return. However, filing a voluntary tax return is worthwhile because you can get money back from the state—a significant amount of money at that.

Many students assume that a tax return is not worthwhile for them because they do not work full time. However, this is a myth, because as a student, you have more expenses during your studies than you might initially think. Many of these expenses are tax-deductible and can help you get money back.

When are students obligated to file a tax return?

Students may also be required to submit a tax return in some cases:

  • If you have more than one employer, i.e. you work multiple jobs but the income tax is not done for all the salaries together.
  • In the case of a loss carried forward from previous years.
  • Other cases as stated in our article about the obligation to file a tax return.

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How much from tax do you get back as a student?

There’s no fixed answer to this question. The latest figures show that employees who have submitted their tax returns for a certain year have received an average of 1,072 euros back from the tax office.


For students, the refund amount is usually lower. Yet, even in the case of students, it’s financially beneficial to complete a tax refund.

Calculate your refund amount now: You answer easy-to-understand questions, and we tell you how much you're likely to get back from the tax office.

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How do you file a tax return as a student?

Taxfix is the easiest way for students to file a tax return. For your student tax return with Taxfix, you don’t need a diploma or a master’s degree in tax law. We make the tax return understandable for you:

1. Our simple question flow walks you step-by-step through your tax return. You only answer simple questions. Extensive and complex forms have no place with us.
2. When you answer, your necessary data is compiled and automatically entered into the official tax forms.
3. All your study costs are stated in the tax return.
4. The expected tax refund is calculated immediately, free of charge and without risk.
5. When you’re satisfied, you can securely submit your tax documents to your tax office paperless.

Finish your tax return even faster.

Finanzamt-Daten nutzen und Zeit bei der Steuer sparen: Mit dem Datenabruf werden viele deiner Steuerdaten direkt vom Finanzamt abgerufen und automatisch in deine Steuererklärung eingetragen. Weniger Papierkram für dich!

Taxfix in 4 steps:

This is how it works

Steuererklärung-App von Taxfix

What are my tax deductibles as a student?

The expenses during your student years may be different or even lower than when you are employed. Yet, you have the chance to get a lot of money back from the tax authorities!


You can claim these costs for tax purposes:

CostsExamplesEligibility for student allowancesAdditional information
Student feesSemester fees, examination fees, expenses for admission test, seminar expensesNot eligibleRead more about deducting tuition fees or start filing your taxes with Taxfix
Commuting costsExpenses of travelling to the university or the library. Also includes trips between the main residence and the second residence0.30 euros/km one way for the first 20 kilometres. From the 21st kilometre, 0.38 euros/km. Max: 4,500 eurosKnow more about deducting deducting travel expenses during your studies or start filing your taxes with Taxfix
Phone and internet costsSmartphone contract, Internet at home, landline20 euros per month (240 euros per year)Find out how to deduct internet costs during your studies or start filing your taxes with Taxfix
ComputerCosts of buying computer, tablet, software and peripheralsNot eligible for allowances, although full depreciation is possible in the same year or within 12 months. Only partial use for the study can be claimed for tax purposesDeduct the costs of your computer and tablet or start filing your taxes with Taxfix
Reading materials and other necessary toolsSpecialist literature, special equipment, didactic materials, printing and copying costs, pens, pads, etc.Not eligible for allowances, but full depreciation is possible in the same year or within 12 months. Only partial use for the study can be claimed for tax purposesDeduct the costs of literature and learning materials or start filing your taxes with Taxfix
Accommodation costsPossible when the student apartment is a second homeNot eligible; rent is fully deductibleDeduct ​​your second home (DE) or start filing taxes with Taxfix
Student loansInterest on student loan repaymentNot eligible; credit costs are fully deductibleClaim a student loan for tax purposes or start filing taxes directly with Taxfix

As you can see, there are many ways to deduct expenses on your tax return. The Taxfix app allows you to claim these tax-deductibles effortlessly. Simple questions enable you to list all possible student expenses accurately and in the correct fields.

Here’s a complete list of tax deductibles for students in our blogpost.

Important : The Federal Constitutional Court has decided (Az: 2 BvL 22/14 and others) (Az: 2 BvL 22/14 und weitere)that expenses for the first degree and initial training may not be claimed as income-related expenses! Instead, they are considered special expenses (Sonderausgaben). These are limited to 6,000 euros per year. However, special expenses only affect your taxes if you've earned a taxable income in the same year.

What's your tax class as a student?

As a student, you are usually in tax class 1. It is also the standard class for employees. However, deviations are possible:

  • If you have several employers, tax class 6 applies
  • Tax class 2 is intended for single parents
  • Other life circumstances such as marriage also result in one of the other tax brackets

More about tax brackets: You can get a detailed picture of the tax brackets in our guide. You'll likely be in in tax class 1 like most students, or, based on other circumstances be assigned a different tax class.

Loss carryforward: Save future taxes

Not an earning student? File your tax return anyway. With a loss carryforward (Verlustvortrag), you can still benefit from it later.

This is how it works: When you submit your tax return to the tax office, your income and expenses are offset against each other. If you have a loss due to excessive costs, you carry this into the next tax year, where it is then offset against your income at that point.


With the loss carryforward, you can take your losses with you into the time after your studies. When you then earn your first money, you save taxes in the first year of work with your studies.

Tax return for secondary education (Zweitstudium)

In contrast to the first degree, a second degree/training is considered as advanced training. You can deduct expenses from for your master’s degree, or a degree after completing your apprenticeship or another degree in your tax return as ‘training costs’.

They count as income-related expenses and can therefore be fully deducted. This maximises your tax savings as a student

More on second training: You can find more information on the correct deduction of expenses and the requirements for a second degree/second training in our guide (in German). By the way, the Taxfix app covers this case completely.

Start filing your taxes now with the Taxfix app .

Tax return for the first degree (Erststudium)

If the first degree is the very first training received, it is also considered to be initial training. 

So if we assume here that the first degree is also the first training, the permissible expenses are only deductible as special expenses, not as income-related expenses, as in the case of the second training (see above). The maximum amount that can be deducted is limited to 6,000 euros.

More about your first degree (Erststudium): You can find out how to complete your first degree and the applicable requirements in our guide. Taxfix also covers your tax situation correctly and in a way that is easy to understand. So start now.

Deadlines for the student tax return

If you are a student who is obligated to submit a tax return, you have the same tax deadlines as every other mandatory tax filer. Unfortunately, there are no easier tax returns for students. It’s best to keep this deadline in mind.

Tax deadlines for mandatory tax filers:

  • Tax year 2022: October 2nd, 2023
  • Tax year 2022 with a tax advisor: July 31st, 2024

In general, however, students are not obligated to file a tax return. Since a tax return can still be beneficial, we recommend calculating the possible tax refund quickly and easily with Taxfix. As with other groups, students have four years to file their voluntary tax returns.

Tax deadlines for voluntary tax filers:

  • Tax year 2022: December 31, 2026
  • Tax year 2021: December 31, 2025
  • Tax year 2020: December 31, 2024
  • Tax year 2019: December 31, 2023

To know which tax deadlines apply to you, read this article.

Submitting a retroactive tax return as a student

Even if you haven’t submitted a tax return in recent years, you’re likely not too late to submit one right away. As a student, you can also voluntarily submit your tax return 4 years later and top up your pocket money.


For example, you can still submit your tax return for 2019 and the following years retrospectively to the tax office up to the end of the year 2023.

Can I still file a tax return for my student years after I graduate?

Retrospective tax returns apply to your taxes in this case as well. A loss carryforward can usually be claimed retrospectively for up to seven years.

The tax office pays you an interest

If the tax return is submitted late, you can receive even more money from the state. If you have not submitted a tax return in the last few years, the tax office will pay you interest per month on the amount that you get back. That means you can get even more money from the tax office.

However, a few conditions apply here, for example the interest period does not begin directly at the end of the tax year.

Find out all about it in our article on earning interests on your tax returns.

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Tax returns for students: ELSTER vs. Taxfix

As you can guess, Taxfix is very different from the classic ELSTER online (link in German) service from the tax office. Students who do their tax returns with ELSTER have to fill out complex forms that are often obscure.


The questions in the Taxfix app are intuitive, simply worded and accompanied by bite-sized explanations if you don’t know what to do. While at ELSTER you usually have to fill out several forms, at Taxfix you can complete the questionnaire in one go. Meanwhile, you can switch from smartphone to app and back – your data is constantly synchronized.


We also suggest deductible expenses that you might not have thought of. Combined with the plausibility check for your entries, there is no easier path to your optimized tax refund. And best of all: filing taxes with Taxfix takes less than half an hour on average!


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